Hatty Ashdown

Comedian, broadcaster, DJ

am ( Hatty ) a newbie comic on the stand up circuit in london, so far I've been very lucky to work along side the likes of Josie long at the south bank udder belly amoung other events plus with Stewart lee and Issy Suttie. This year I did my first solo 40min show at the Edinburgh Festival- called Hatty Ashdown Nan Child to test the waters for my hour show. I had a lovely run and was List magazines top 5 free fringe shows (it's like a Scottish timeout). I also have a wonderful and enlightening radio show you can down load on itunes for free here http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/hatty-ashdowns-silly-radio/id421766377. I am also currently in development with a sitcom for BigTalk and Popper pictures. Black cabbies may remember me for my slot on BBC london radio 'Hattys Haberdashery' faking my way through arts, crafts and needle work. Been a back stage music mole for channel 4 summer music festivals chatting to likes of Lou Reed and James Brown. Anecdotal humor that never feels stilted or scripted...makes Ashdown One to watch!’ **** Three weeks ‘Wonderfully inventive, consistently funny’ Time Out. ‘Hatty Ashdown's brain is made up of funny molecules. She makes me laugh. And laugh.And then laugh’ - Robert Popper (channel 4 Friday Night Dinner). ‘Warm, infectiously funny and brilliant’ Josie Long please keep in touch on http://twitter.com/HattyAshdown https://www.facebook.com/hatty.ashdown

Pregnant Pause?

My first gig when I was over the advised 12 weeks safe period in which to tell people (although be warned if you have an elderly mother like me - she had me at 43 - then they just write it in every Christmas card they send at three weeks anyway) I didn't mention it on stage and it just felt wrong.
22/05/2015 17:03 BST
Hatty Go

Hatty Go lucky?...Lazy

However, it was brought to my attention early last year that I suffer from what I think is a common disease (excuse) amongst creatives: lazyitis. Do you wake every morning with a gut reaching feeling of anxiety (Usually because it's past 10am and I know I should have got up earlier and therein the guilt starts)?
12/01/2012 13:30 GMT
Hatty go Lucky: It's not me, it's the Others,

Hatty go Lucky: It's not me, it's the Others, Right?

I realised that for most of my life I've tried to be like every one else: these so-called normal, functioning people that have proper jobs, good jobs, money, holidays...Those that don't get the sack from every 'proper job' they've tried.
22/09/2011 23:42 BST