Jamie Cullum

Award-winning UK jazz artist

Jamie Cullum is a renowned charismatic jazz musician, with the ability and versatility to blur musical genres with his unique take on jazz, pop and rock. With a Grammy, two Golden Globes, two BRIT Awards and numerous other award nominations under his belt, Cullum is the most successful UK jazz artists ever. Recently Jamie has also been taking part in a programme of Martell Very Special Night events.


Raymond Blanc is a whirlwind of a man. A wind tunnel of ideas, wisecracks and long, hilarious, partially understandable jokes. He's like the naughty boy at school that is cleverer than all the teachers. I was asked to work alongside Monsieur Blanc for a project recently and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands as I knew it would likely be an adventure that involved some excellent food and drink. I was not wrong. Over the course of a photo shoot and a couple of dinners we became engaged in some particularly freewheeling conversations...
08/07/2013 17:48 BST