Jenny Walters

Food blogger at Apply to Face Blog.

My name is Jenny Walters and I am a very perimenopausal stay at home Mum with a passion for my children, cooking, friends, laughing a lot and really good food and wine. I absolutely love to have friends and families round to stuff their faces with easy to prepare, delicious food that gladdens the Soul and fills the Bellies. In my selfish quest to do this without a breakdown I have searched the land to procure recipes that allow me to join in the party without hot flushes, panic attacks and brain bleed. So whether it’s for entertaining or just filling your face alone in a wardrobe, stick with me and it’s Enid Blyton picnics all the way, or that’s the crazy ass idea.......
Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea Cakes

The warm fug of these spiced tea cakes wafting through my kitchen is tantamount to a huge enveloping cuddle from a large breasted lady who cuddles for a living and loves her job. They are outstanding served toasted and spread with butter. I am afraid I am a slatherer. Go on, do it.
26/09/2017 13:27 BST
Pork, Spinach And Mushroom

Pork, Spinach And Mushroom Lasagne

I am compelled to attempt to please all the tastes and appetites of my family on a daily basis. I do want them to tell all who will listen that I am a fabulous and amazing cook so that my  reputation shall travel far and wide and I will be headhunted for a little slot on This Morning.
12/06/2017 16:19 BST