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J.N. PAQUET is a journalist who has been writing about current affairs for over two decades for media in Taiwan, the US and the UK. A Political Writer for, he is also the Editor of the British political magazine He is the author of over 50 books, among which the upcoming series of books on populism and nationalism in politics "Brexit. The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?" available on Amazon: Read his most recent articles at and follow his Tweets at @jnpaquet

Gina Miller's To Theresa May: "Stand Up For All The British Public."

As MPs gave the Government the go-ahead by voting the Brexit bill and the Lords are debating it now, Gina Miller, the businesswoman and philanthropist who successfully challenged the Prime minister over Article 50 at the Supreme Court, kindly accepted to answer my questions in an exclusive interview.
03/03/2017 12:00 GMT

The Case For A Strong Selfless Parliamentary System

The creation of a selfless parliamentary system is a real revolution in itself. It is a new way of doing politics, but it is also and mainly a way to restore the people's trust in politics, and send the populist and nationalist preachers of our time back to the one place they belong: the History books.
23/02/2017 15:20 GMT

What Would A Dutch PM Geert Wilders Mean For Brexit?

MEP Geert Wilders is the Dutch politician who believes he can become the next Prime minister of the Netherlands in just a month's time, thanks to his anti-Islam/anti-migrants' stance and thanks to both Brexit and Donald Trump's win in the United States. What would his win mean for Britain's Brexit and for the EU?
20/02/2017 14:08 GMT

Can Marine Le Pen Become The First Woman President Of France?

France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was spotted last week at Trump Tower, in New York. Whether she was there to meet with President-elect Trump or not, which she and Trump's team declined to say, it is important to understand the danger she and her party represent in Europe.
20/01/2017 13:48 GMT

On The Need To Fact-Check Populists

Why are populist politicians popular today? Because they give people a chance to blame someone else for their problems. The others. The foreigners. The aliens. The people who don't belong to OUR country. If populists are such con artists, why do people fall for them?
20/01/2017 13:47 GMT

Why Nicolas Sarkozy Wants To Reverse The Brexit Vote

Nicolas Sarkozy's announcement on Wednesday that, if elected president of France in May 2017, he would give Britain a chance to reverse the Brexit vote, has raised eyebrows across the European Union. Can such a decision, democratically taken by the people of a sovereign member state of the EU, be overlooked? What's in it for Sarkozy?
29/09/2016 13:38 BST

Is Nigel Farage About To Defect To The Tories?

On the day UKIP finally chose its new leader to replace Nigel Farage, an unprecedented thunderstorm hit Britain. Not the thunderstorm that dumped almost half a month's rain in the east, south and south-east of England within hours.
19/09/2016 14:37 BST

What Brexit Does Not Mean

In less than a week, in the space of just a few days, PM Theresa May has told off not one, but two of her cabinet ministers. David Davis, the so-called 'Minister for Brexit' and Liam Fox, the Minister for International Trade. What is happening at the top of government?
13/09/2016 16:20 BST

Brexit Negotiations Have Actually Already Started

However, between what 52% of the British people voted for and what the EU leaders are ready to accept as a good deal with Britain, the new Prime Minister's window of operation is extremely narrow. Some strong headache, a lot of coffee and many sleepless nights to come for the new British PM...
30/06/2016 09:42 BST

How to Choose The Right Books For Your Children?

The best way to learn about the wide range of books available in the market and get to know the taste of our little ones is to visit a public library with them and let them explore. Let them discover. Let them show you what they like and what they don't really like. They might surprise you at times!
25/05/2016 12:32 BST

The Language Learning Struggle of Bilingual Children

We know that learning a new language is not easy for anyone. It is even more difficult if that language is not spoken outside of the home. This is the case of hundreds of thousands of children across the world whose parents currently live in a foreign country and speak a minority language.
03/05/2016 16:40 BST

Why the EU Debate Is Worth More Than Personal Ambitions

Some people have a deep reason to wish for the UK to leave the European Union, whether it is a frustration at the way the European institutions work, or the way they feel Brussels gives the orders and Britain just obeys, or maybe it is because they feel the government has no power to limit EU immigration...
25/02/2016 14:37 GMT