Joff Sharpe

Ex-SAS soldier, turned successful businessman

After a successful ten-year career in the army, Joff has spent over twenty years in a variety of senior roles working for blue chip companies such as Mars, PepsiCo, News International and Vodafone. He is one of Britain’s most colourful businessmen. Unusual entries on his CV include: a year living amongst the Iban headhunters of Borneo, running an internet company for Rupert Murdoch and being Piers Morgan’s HR director. After a stint in private equity, he recently re-joined the FTSE 100 as HR & Marketing Director of a £6 bn Real Estate Investment Trust.

The Bethnal Green Front-line

I recently had the privilege of joining a group of teenage school children at the centre. They had written and were rehearsing radio shows for live broadcast on East London Radio later this month.
12/03/2015 14:07 GMT

When Harry Met Salary

Strange things happen when you put your hand up and say you want to help Britain's combat Veterans secure civilian employment when they leave the Service. At short notice, and with little qualification other than this general willingness, I found myself sitting at a table with HRHs Prince William and Harry, a three star General and twenty international captains of industry...
22/09/2014 10:33 BST

When the Wolf Lost His Smile

There are many ways to measure success in business; P&Ls, Balance Sheets, P/E multiples...but perhaps the most poignant moment in Homm's autobiography is when he realizes he has lost the ability to smile; the most telling KPI of all.
30/06/2014 11:15 BST

The Art of Management by Doing Nothing

But if no-one's in charge, how on earth does anything get done? Surely there is some penalty to fractional decision-making? Centralised authority isn't necessarily all that it's cracked up to be.
05/05/2014 10:52 BST

The Chinese S.A.S. - Speed, Ambition and Scale

I returned to Hong Kong 25 years later as a businessman and found a city with a population of seven million people now occupying that area. I'm referring, of course, to Shenzen, China's original "Special Economic Zone."
10/04/2014 13:20 BST

Avoiding the End of History

Good luck to CKGSB and Lausanne's International Institute for Management Development with their new venture. It promises to be a fantastic programme for those students with deep enough pockets or generous benefactors. The likelihood is that the rest of us will soon be working for them.
14/03/2014 10:01 GMT

Year of the Human Swiss Army Knife

Followers of my blog will know that I began the year with a series of exhortations; ten in all and they précis the messages in my new book '<strong>Who Dares Wins in Business</strong>.' I illustrate these points with case studies from commerce and, as unlikely as it seems, the SAS...
04/03/2014 11:04 GMT

Who Dares Wins, in 2014

Here's a more suggestion (as you bail the flood water out of your living room or look dejectedly out of the office window); how about running your organization like the SAS this year? Sounds risible? Forget the balaclavas and flash-bangs and think about making the following 10 promises in 2014.
07/01/2014 14:35 GMT