Kat Lister

Freelance journalist and writer living in London

Kat Lister is a freelance journalist and writer living in London. She writes about entertainment, culture and women's issues. Kat has contributed to Marie Claire, NME, The Telegraph, Grazia, Time Out, The Feminist Times (where she was Contributing Editor), The Debrief, Lifetime TV, Frankie Magazine and Clash Magazine. Her work has been discussed on BBC Radio Four's Woman's Hour and she has also contributed to 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die, published in 2010.

Page 3 Isn't Just Harmless Fun and Today The Sun Proved

Page 3 Isn't Just Harmless Fun and Today The Sun Proved It

It's smug, it's nasty, it's a publicity triumph. It also reaffirms what campaigners have always said about Page 3: That The Sun's loyalty to Page 3 is a commitment to disempowering women under the guise of that age-old defence of sexism: "it's just harmless fun".
22/01/2015 15:38 GMT
Joni Mitchell and Joan Didion: Let's Celebrate Older

Joni Mitchell and Joan Didion: Let's Celebrate Older Beauty

In a world that idolises the eternally ageless - the youthful dead, if you will - we are less inclined to value the lifelines that marble the face of a woman. We tend to turn away from the woman who looks at us and says: I've completed my life. I know me.
12/01/2015 21:54 GMT
When Did Feminism Become

When Did Feminism Become Weird?

I find Gwyneth Paltrow's <em>goop </em>website a bit weird or Donny Osmond's wig on last weeks <em>Strictly Come Dancing</em>, but feminism itself? If indeed there is something unnatural or unearthly about this so-called 'crossroads' we hashtag-feminists are tweeting at, is it right to finger-blame an entire movement? I'm not sure that it is, really.
23/10/2014 17:24 BST
Her Name Was Reeva

Her Name Was Reeva Steenkamp

His jail sentence, his crime, his life, his guilt. The language of the perpetrator is everywhere, yet the language of the victim is nowhere to be found. 439 words and Reeva isn't named once, referred to singularly at the beginning with poetic abandon: 'He killed his girlfriend.'What we have here is an insensitively-timed rumination on prison reform at the expense of a 'girlfriend' Simon Jenkins didn't even have the consideration to name. Spectacular timing in a year when it was revealed around 90% of all reports of domestic violence to police forces in England and Wales are taken no further.
21/10/2014 15:43 BST
Turkey's Women Tweet the Last

Turkey's Women Tweet the Last Laugh

Over the last month, thousands have taken to social media to campaign against Arinc's controversial speech by posting laughing selfies. When Turkey's Deputy in command says laughing is unchaste, he's raising the gender equality stakes ever higher and out-of-reach.
06/08/2014 13:39 BST
Five Things Feminist Times Taught Me About

Five Things Feminist Times Taught Me About Feminism...

I'm not sure about you but I'm still figuring things out as I go along - and I don't think there is any shame in that. We might not always like what we hear but we've got to respect it all the same. The power of debate is rooted in our differences and imperfections. The tide of subsequent social and political change relies as much on our ears as our mouths.
17/07/2014 11:17 BST