Kate L. Gould

Rat-lover, insatiable reader, campaigner, Beethoven groupie, writer, and tattooed lady

In no particular order, Kate Gould is a writer, Beethoven groupie, feminist, campaigner for sex workers' rights at SCOT-PEP, tattooed lady, etiquette fanatic, insatiable reader, and commissioning editor at The Fine Line. She spends most of her time reading in her flat overrun by pet rats, Georgia, Minnie and Olivia. She's been a research assistant to Germaine Greer and Shere Hite, MORI pollster, book critic, magazine editor, over-worked publishing intern, nanny, English teacher, and hotel critic. Her book on flashers, Exposing Phallacy: Flashing in Contemporary Culture, was released in August 2012, published by Zero Books. She blogs at and works at The best insult she's ever heard is “buckle-bunny wannabe”.