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Kate Taylor

Creativity & Wellbeing expert | Master NLP & Hypnotherapy | Coach | Mentor | Speaker | Creative Living on Your Own Terms

Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment coach, Master NLP practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist, writer, and speaker enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good. Living creatively is simply living a life you want to live and doing it on your own terms. In your own way. It means a life where you are marching to the beat of your own drum (and bass). It’s sticking your middle finger up to a ‘me too’ life and not taking no for an answer. It’s being a rebel in a sea of normality. You don’t want to live a grey life. You want to paint the world with colour. You want to paint your world with your colour. You want to live your life on your own terms. And this is our right, our right and choice. We all have the choice to live creatively – however we choose that to be, and we can do it in a way that feels good. Whether getting started with a creative business idea, or simply living a life less ordinary, Kate brings creative spark, magic, and a bit of rock n’ roll colour to her clients lives. Find out more about Kate at

A Little Bit of Quiet Please: Five Ways to Be Still

We've all got busy lives. There's always something we should be doing, or something we should start doing that we're not, but think about it this way; if you can find time to get exercise for 30 minutes per day to keep your body healthy then why would you not find time to keep your mind healthy?
17/02/2016 23:15 GMT

Keep Your But Out: A Simple Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way

Be warned, I am on one in this blog post. Reason being that it's my mission to get you everything you want in this wonderful life of yours, which sometimes means that I have to get a bit tough - in a metaphorical kick-up-the-bum kinda way. It's all done with kindness.
13/11/2015 10:32 GMT

What You Give Is What You Get: Living Life By the Golden Rule

Think about the values you hold and the principles you live by; those things which are so important to you that if you get wronged it strikes you to the very core. For example, one of mine is consideration. It's up there alongside being heard and being treated with respect.
06/07/2015 10:08 BST

Are You Living an Authentic Life? 10 Questions to Connect You to Yourself

Do you feel like you are living? I mean really living? That big fat life that you're grabbing with both hands whilst shouting 'hell yeah' -- running alongside every challenge that comes your way? Or do you feel like you're drifting? Ambling along in a fug of the daily grind? Getting up each morning feeling like you are simply existing day-to-day?
03/11/2014 11:50 GMT

What Is Creativity Anyway?

It's my firm belief that being creative is something that has to exist in the world, so for the blog piece this week, I've been researching the characteristics of creative people, looking at busting some myths, and finding out what being creative means. The quotes throughout are some of the beautiful responses I got back.
26/08/2014 12:35 BST

The Hard Truth: Learning From Loss

Talking about death is never an easy thing to do. It's certainly not something you save for the dinner party conversation; unless you want to clear the table of guests before the cheese and biscuits have arrived. Death and grieving are often hidden, private subjects; saved only for those who've been there, or your CRUSE counsellor.
23/07/2014 15:06 BST