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Kris Bondi

CMO of Neura

Kris Bondi is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 20 years combined international marketing, public relations, crisis communications and journalism experience. As CMO of Neura, Inc, Kris leads the company’s efforts to increase adoption and overall mindshare. Prior to joining Neura, Kris served as Vice President of Global Marketing for, a leader in the serverless computing space. Kris’ background includes deep expertise in technology marketing with previous stints at Moka5, TIBCO, Mashery, and Luma Technologies. In addition, among the highlights from 11 years as a freelance journalist, Kris covered Nelson Mandela’s first speech in the United States as a stringer for the Harrisburg Patriot.

Kris holds a BA in communications rhetoric and political science from the University of Pittsburgh.

The House That Learns: How AI Makes Smart Homes Smarter

AI in devices that has learned your habits can start to predict the experience that matches your needs in a given moment. So, for example, if everyone has left the house it knows not to turn on the lights. Or if you drive off to work, it will turn down the thermostat; and if everyone is out of the house, it knows to lock the doors.
14/09/2017 17:35 BST