Lauren Davidson

Lauren is a freelance journalist, raised in London and living in New York.

Lauren is a British freelance journalist living in New York. Educated at the University of Cambridge and then at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Lauren has been published in the Times, the Daily Telegraph, City A.M., the Jewish Chronicle, the Ham & High, online magazine the London Word and student newspapers Varsity and the Tab .
Sexism: Still All Around

Sexism: Still All Around Us

I never gave much thought to sexism while growing up. After all, it was the 1990s and then the twenty-first century. But I have begun to notice sexism around me - not overt discrimination as such, more a tone in which women are spoken about, or just a person's awareness of someone's woman-ness.
16/01/2013 17:49 GMT
What the Dickens Are We Doing to Our

What the Dickens Are We Doing to Our Children?

Perhaps, as the bicentennial year draws to a close and we move into Dickens' third century, there is something else the Victorian author can teach us - and that is not to teach him to our children.
14/11/2012 17:27 GMT
Why I Love

Why I Love Twilight

Many feel the opposite, which is fair - each to their own. But why is there this need to mock and ridicule those who love it? People scorn the saga for being about vampires and werewolves (and therefore unrealistic), for being lovey-dovey (and therefore unrealistic) and for promoting a worldview through the eyes of a female (and therefore unrealistic).
22/11/2011 11:01 GMT
Gilad Shalit: A Swap Uneven in Number and

Gilad Shalit: A Swap Uneven in Number and Nature

June 25th 2006 was a Sunday. I watched the England v Ecuador world cup game. My best friend stayed over for the weekend. I worried about finishing a personal statement for my university application. Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid.
18/10/2011 14:42 BST