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Louise Cartwright

Money Mindset and Success Coach for Women in Business

From overweight, depressed, single parent on benefits to successful Money Mindset and Success Coach living in dream family home… Her dreams of a fulfilled and independent life seemed to disappear when she woke up at aged 26 and thought, "Is this it?". “I was fat, depressed and my relationship was dead. However, I felt so trapped that I stayed in that place for another 2 years. But when I hit 29 I knew that something had to change. I divorced my husband and ended up as a single parent on benefits.” Despite Louise finding love and marrying her soul mate, together they had to climb out of £50k debt; return a property and become black listed and live in overdraft for the 1st 5 years of their marriage, Louise worked in a £9-an-hour office job to clear debts and save up £30k to go onto buy their dream family home. Whilst Louise was starting to realise the happiest version of herself, she still knew she was here for more. She retrained as a Personal Trainer and within 2 years she had increased her income by over 500% . More recently she has completely evolved her business to work with women to create the business and life they dream of. These days Louise works with 100s of women as Real Life Wealth and Success Coach. It’s her passion to empower women to embrace wealth in their business and life.

What If There Were No Tomorrow?

The morning of the surgery, I sat speaking with my mum. The conversation turned to how many years we all could have left together. In that moment, I felt fear like I'd not felt for a very long time. Not fear of death or loss, rather fear of wasting even one second of this precious life.
09/11/2017 11:31 GMT