Lucy Knight

Lucy is a writer in Beirut

Lucy has been in Beirut for nearly two years and still has problems counting to 10 in Arabic.

A writer and editor with Wamda, a platform that reports on and builds up, the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Middle East, she occasionally does radio for BBC and Monocle 24.
Dubai Art Is Out

Dubai Art Is Out There

The inauguration of their 'art season' earlier this year proved further the commitment they have not only to drawing in great investment from abroad but in cultivating the local talent that the sands of Arabia have to offer.
13/06/2014 12:49 BST
Lebanon Has Two Kinds of Booby

Lebanon Has Two Kinds of Booby Traps

Yesterday in the centre of Beirut the army blocked off roads after a suspicious vehicle was found. It apparently contained some explosives and was thought to be a booby trap. At around the same time, Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun, currently in Sochi competing in Alpine skiing, was the talk of social media when images and video footage of her posing without much on, emerged.
13/02/2014 09:43 GMT
The bicycle and

The bicycle and Beirut

'Helmets? Who is in favour?' Sitting with a group of young cyclists in an Achrafieh apartment, this is a moot point. Surely helmets are always a must? Well, as the phrase here very often goes - 'this is Lebanon'.
24/09/2013 11:57 BST
Rockets of Lebanon's

Rockets of Lebanon's past

As you drive down the main road that leads to Hamra, a district of West Beirut, you will notice, if you're observant enough, beyond the shrub covered walls of the Armenian institute, Haigazian University, that a white needle nosed rocket points towards the sky, or the stars, dependant on how romantic you wish to be.
17/04/2013 14:32 BST
Civil Marriage in Lebanon: A User's

Civil Marriage in Lebanon: A User's Guide

It's been several weeks now since Lebanon's President Sleiman tweeted his support of civil marriage in Lebanon (#civilmarriageleb). Politicians and Twitter, always fun. It was in response to the story that broke several days earlier of a couple who were on the verge of being the country's first ever union outside a religious setting.
25/02/2013 12:02 GMT

Bomb Beirut

This afternoon a huge bomb blast ripped through a residential street in the predominantly Christian area of Achrafieh in eastern Beirut. I was sitting in my Beirut office, not 1km away, writing an exciting article about how video streaming can boost the work of NGOs, when everything shook.
21/10/2012 11:51 BST
Ten Tips to Driving in

Ten Tips to Driving in Beirut

Driving in a new country is always a tricky business, least of all when, even though there are lights, no one's paying attention to them. I recently got behind the wheel in Beirut and I'd be lying if I said the car remained unscathed. I'm a survivor, though, and these are my nine tips to negotiating congested roads, dodging potholes and BlackBerry using ladies who can't see you.
07/08/2012 11:11 BST