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Margaret Batty

Director, Global Policy and Campaigns, WaterAid

Director, Global Policy and Campaigns, WaterAid

The Rubik's Cube Of The UN Global Goals

One year on from the adoption of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals, they look something akin to a Rubik's Cube. The 17 Goals, and 169 targets within those, applicable to 193 countries, are a colourful and immensely challenging combination puzzle. One cannot be solved without the others; they are inter-dependent.
29/08/2016 19:41 BST

Including Water and Sanitation in Talking About Women's Rights

To reach everyone everywhere by 2030 with safe water, decent toilets and hygiene will require coordinated efforts from governments at all levels as well as from those working on education, health and human rights. It's an ambitious goal - but the costs of failure will be even higher.
18/05/2016 19:37 BST

Why the Climate Promises of Paris Depend on Water

We need to get different sectors talking. Climate change and water are intertwined and we need to speak each other's language when it comes to planning and funding adaptation efforts. We can no longer have countries develop water policies that don't include climate risks, nor can climate planners operate without consulting key water ministries.
27/04/2016 12:25 BST

Water on the Agenda at Davos

As the world's decision-makers congregate in Davos this week, one of the most pressing issues will be also one of the most fundamental: Water.
20/01/2016 16:06 GMT

Talking Extreme Poverty at Davos

There are still 748 million people on Earth without access to clean water, many of whom have to walk for hours each day to fetch water that puts their health at risk.
22/01/2015 11:17 GMT

Breaking the Silence on Periods

It's time to break the silence. Here in the UK, menstruation may be an annoyance. It may even be painful. But for many girls and women around the world, it carries much more serious consequences.
28/05/2014 16:57 BST