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Margaret Batty

Director, Global Policy and Campaigns, WaterAid

Director, Global Policy and Campaigns, WaterAid

I Saw Babies Die In Sierra Leone - I Owe It To The Mothers And Midwives To Tell Their Story

I spent a week in Kenema government hospital and witnessed five births in total. None of the babies survived. My heart ached with pain for the mum's and midwives who had to endure this suffering. But this was and is the daily reality of life in Kenema government hospital, and it's a story repeated across Sierra Leone. You only have to travel to a cemetery to see the rows and rows of tiny graves which fill the graveyard.
18/08/2017 14:57 BST

Ebola's Legacy Is Still Deadly for Mums and Babies in West Africa

Ebola no longer makes the headlines, driven out by news of Zika virus and the crisis in Syria. But the terrible legacy of Ebola persists in West Africa, for the survivors who suffer stigma and fear long-term complications, and for all of those who are vulnerable and in need of healthcare at a time when the health system has been brought to its knees.
13/02/2016 23:36 GMT