Marianne Abib-Pech

Founder of Lead the Future: Writer, Catalyst, Connector

Marianne Abib-Pech is a citizen of the world. She has spent 40% of her life abroad, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Originally from France, she is now splitting her time between Hong- Kong and London.

She is a 'pure product' of Corporate America and led a highly successful international finance career. Former CFO of Shell Aviation and a product of corporate America, she trained with Arthur Andersen, worked for Motorola and spent the largest part of her career with General Electric. (Keep it quiet, but she still has a soft spot for The company!)

Yet, she decided to join the entrepreneur’s world to have impact.
She defines herself as a catalyst of business, ideas and people and is determined to make this world a better place. To be true to her purpose she founded Lead the Future ( a brand that includes financial advising company specialized in the Energy and Alternative Investment sectors (business), and a leadership consulting company (people).

Marianne is the Author of the Financial Times Guide ''Leadership – How to lead effectively and get results'’.
Her column for The Independent (UK) explores how to make the switch from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She is also the creator of a monthly Alternative Investment column for Global Corporate Venturing publication.

In addition to being a writer and a freelance columnist, Marianne serves on the boards of several venture capital funds and start ups in Europe and Asia. For her current projects and whatever’s making her tick today. Check out her blog : ""

Passionate about people, innovation and entrepreneurship, Marianne is constantly looking for new business ideas, interesting people to meet and new perspectives on life. She believes firmly that these are the best of possible times to be alive.

For relaxation, she loves fine food, finer wine, and exercise.