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Mark Brewer

Freelancer, philosophy of science pg, education professional; writes about politics, halloumi and what's written on the inside of his skull.

Postgraduate from the University of Bristol, whose research mainly focused on illness, medicine, cognitive sciences, evolution and the scientific method. A freelance fiction writer and education professional, who also enjoys chatting about politics, boxing, science, philosophy and health-based charity campaigns.

Why We Shouldn't Read Žižek's Pro-Trump Script Before Bedtime

He should know better than to risk creating an unjustified swing demographic before what's perhaps the most consequential presidential election in modern history, and pushing the pendulum towards - even by his own argument - a greater known danger than Clinton represents.
08/11/2016 12:46 GMT

Post-Brexit: What Kind of Change?

Having taken some days to reflect on the consequences of waking up in a post-Brexit nation last Friday, one thing has been absolutely clear from the outset: this country needs a change. One other thing has been perhaps clearer still: the most necessary change isn't any of the available outcomes of the referendum, but in the way we conduct our political conversation.
27/06/2016 15:54 BST

With the Belts in His Sight, David Haye Needs a Fight: That's De Mori

In either case, even if David Haye is dead certain to win against a weak underdog in De Mori, he seems to have selected his first step back into heavyweight contention very intelligently indeed. If so, it seems those who criticise Haye's true motivation for stepping back between the ropes in January can only be dead wrong.
25/11/2015 12:19 GMT

Natural Selection: Does Evolution Pull or Push?

Consider the following alternative. The forward-facing brain can almost certainly be traced back to the development of neural nets in all extremely simple organisms with bilaterian (symmetrical) body plans.
24/07/2015 11:22 BST

Philosophy: Juicy or Useless?

If contemporary philosophy still proceeded in vacuum, cut off from science, I'd agree with Krauss that it's useless. But it doesn't. And, if applied to conceptual issues in the natural sciences, it certainly has a much juicier role to play than Krauss would have you believe.
09/02/2015 11:31 GMT

Write Harder, Better, Faster, (Not) Longer - with Uri Bram

So, please, indulge me as I hitherto invent a new genre of literary criticism and thrust it upon your unwitting and uninterested eyes. I call it a "pre-review review". I hear your teeth grind as you call me a "wally" and slap the back of your own neck in the hope you'll hit that "off-button" sweet-spot. Why not simply call it a "preview", like a sensible person?
05/02/2015 11:35 GMT

Does Monbiot Ask Left to Break the Political Mould and Then Sit Down in the Pieces?

Monbiot is speaking to those of us who have, for some time, become disillusioned about the fact that any kind of drastic political reform (dare I say "revolution"?) seems impossible in this country. By pointing to reform of governmental bodies, tax reforms to a local-authority system, and the prevention on money-creation by private banks, Monbiot cooks up some tasty, Green morsels for the disillusioned left to digest.
30/01/2015 11:38 GMT