Matt Lacey

Actor, comedian & owner of over 300 lasers

Matt is an actor, writer and comedian currently performing his debut one man show at the Edinburgh Festival. He has previously performed live and on the internet with sketch group The Unexpected Items and can be seen between shows on Comedy Central dressed as the Royal Baby. He is also the author of the Gap Yah Plannah based on the character he created for a popular internet sketch.
Seven Ways to Really Nail Your Next Job

Seven Ways to Really Nail Your Next Job Interview

Never turn up on time. Either get there an hour before or an hour after; that way they'll either think you're super-conscientious or a busy and important person. You'll carry through that confidence to the rest of the interview.
20/03/2016 18:32 GMT
Dispatch from the Front Line of a Tech

Dispatch from the Front Line of a Tech Start-up

It's been a really interesting experience watching the process at close quarters right from the beginning when it was just an idea right through to it being Jamie's full time job with trips all over the world to test and construct hugely technical equipment in China.
11/02/2016 10:30 GMT
Never Mind Scotland, Where Is London's Independence

Never Mind Scotland, Where Is London's Independence Referendum?

But I hear you cry "Scotland was an independent nation for centuries between around 843 and 1707, and Venice was an independent state from around the seventh century right up 1797, whereas London has pretty much been at the heart of England since its foundation!"
06/04/2014 15:51 BST
Ten Examples of Politicians Behaving Like Overgrown

Ten Examples of Politicians Behaving Like Overgrown Children

Speaker John Bercow has recently commented that he would like to curb the "yobbery and public-school twittishness" displayed in the House of Commons. But bawling like toddlers fighting at a creche is not an activity exclusive to the mother of all parliaments. Around the world, elected representatives regularly shout, wail, make animal noises, cry and fight. Here are 10 examples...
23/02/2014 19:45 GMT
Does Anyone Just Do One Job

Does Anyone Just Do One Job Anymore?

Alongside sporadic comedy and acting jobs, I make my living running a business that supplies lasers to the construction industry. This leads to a weird double life, where I juggle a disparate and unconnected set of tasks...
16/01/2014 11:45 GMT
MP Pay Rise of 11%? That's

MP Pay Rise of 11%? That's Cheap!

If MPs are against the pay increase, they can stop it; after all, they set up IPSA in the first place. If they're not, and I suspect many of them actually tacitly support getting more money (and on a human level, wouldn't you?), they need to say so. And they need to justify it. Needing to do so could be the best stimulus for reform of how money is influencing politics at the moment.
07/01/2014 17:04 GMT
Let's Get Rid of Unpaid Internships, We're Not Made of

Let's Get Rid of Unpaid Internships, We're Not Made of Airports

It's difficult to think of a greater embodiment of wealthy people being able to purchase advantage for their offspring and puts me in mind of an excellent Simpsons scene where Montgomery Burns attempts to buy a place at his alma mater for his son, who is so stupid that Yale set the price of entry as being 'an international airport'.
17/12/2013 17:13 GMT
All Charity is

All Charity is Evil

From then, each month now has a designated charity aim, with January's 'dryathalon' all the way to 'Stoptober'. Alongside these, people will be engaging in so-called fun runs and comedy nights across the country. What's wrong with that? It's all for a good cause, they say as they proffer their jangling buckets.
04/12/2013 09:51 GMT

Tinder Bueno?

There's a new app that's been making waves in the world of dating for some time now. "Oh great" you think "another thing to distract me while I'm taking a dump". But no, this app will bring about the downfall of the Human Race.
15/11/2013 12:56 GMT
Movember, Mullets and 14th Century Irish

Movember, Mullets and 14th Century Irish Legislation

"Someone outlawed the moustache?" You say, flabbergasted and spitting coffee into your walrus whiskers like a Boer-war general. Well, yes they did. Let me bring you back to 1366 in Ireland, a country in a state of near-continuous warfare controlled by a slew of regional warlords.
01/11/2013 17:24 GMT

Edinburgh Post-Mortem

Well, it's all over. All those places that were venues for the month have returned to their original usage as damp hovels. The people of Edinburgh can now walk through their streets unmolested by performers and promoters and the comedic and acting fraternities can return to being underemployed... So let's cut open the bloated corpse of the festival and peer inside to see what we've learnt.
30/08/2013 18:12 BST
Final Week

Final Week Edinburgh

By the end of the week, it's bipolar Edinburgh as usual. Comics are in the bars, either drinking to their own success or drowning their sorrows. But in this industry, the dividing line between the two is the same as whether a joke will be received well or not. Stumble over your words early-on, and you can ruin the entire pay-off of a perfectly good gag.
21/08/2013 13:07 BST
How to Win at Marketing a Show in

How to Win at Marketing a Show in Edinburgh

Anyway, the reason I filled a wall with posters at Cowgatehead, opposite the Underbelly was so that people can use the pen I've supplied and doodle on them. It's the sort of stunt that can grab headlines (so far, no headlines have been grabbed...).
14/08/2013 16:26 BST
On the Origin of Performers by Means of Natural

On the Origin of Performers by Means of Natural Selection

Variability from the indirect and direct action of the conditions of creativity, and from use and disuse; a Ratio of Increase so high as to lead to a Struggle for audience numbers, and as a consequence to Natural Selection, entailing Divergence of Character and the Extinction of one-star shows.
13/08/2013 14:40 BST
Ten Things I Love About

Ten Things I Love About Edinburgh

My last post came across as pretty morose, so before my family put me on suicide watch, I thought I'd write about why I bloody love Edinburgh.
08/08/2013 22:53 BST

Marmite Fringe

I've been up here for a week, and it's been fun watching the festival take shape; every possible performance space being carved out in the city and open areas transformed with curious shapes such as the notorious upturned purple cow of the Udderbelly. I
05/08/2013 15:08 BST