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Matthew Ellery

Programmes Officer at The Housing & Finance Institute

Trained Barrister and Research Executive at Get Britain Out a prominent Eurosceptic campaign group advocating the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.
A Sensible Brexit Policy Is The Only Way To Save The Labour

A Sensible Brexit Policy Is The Only Way To Save The Labour Party

Electoral oblivion can be avoided, but only if Labour embraces Brexit and stands up for its core voters. These policies will fit with Labour's ideology and will appeal not only to Labour Party members but to the wider public. The Labour Party must heed Get Britain Out's advice, or be out power for a generation.
03/10/2016 16:40 BST
Leave Lies? Remainers Need To Look In The

Leave Lies? Remainers Need To Look In The Mirror

Recently, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, blamed the Brexit vote on 40 years of lies and the lies of 'Leave' campaigners. Juncker is correct in one sense, there were many lies during the EU Referendum campaign, however these lies were from the 'Remain' side. The so-called lies from Leavers are a figment of the federalist's imagination.
26/09/2016 12:16 BST
Our Universities And Schools Will Thrive After

Our Universities And Schools Will Thrive After Brexit

'Project Fear' claimed if we voted to leave the EU our universities would face financial ruin. We were told academics would flee the UK. We were told UK students would no longer be able to study abroad. False, false, false.
20/09/2016 16:27 BST
Time For A Brexit Law To Guarantee The Referendum

Time For A Brexit Law To Guarantee The Referendum Result

Despite believing it is unnecessary, we at Get Britain Out do not fear a vote in Parliament. We are confident the majority of MPs will respect the decision made by their constituents and carry out their wishes. It would take a very brave MP indeed to treat his or her constituents with deliberate contempt.
31/08/2016 10:52 BST
EU Citizens Need Not Worry Over the Impact of

EU Citizens Need Not Worry Over the Impact of Brexit

The UK has always been an open and tolerant nation, and will continue to be outside the EU. Many scare stories were thrown around before the referendum, and this one is demonstrably false. We at Get Britain Out would like to reassure all readers your right of residency will not be removed, as to do so would not only be immoral, but also illegal.
10/07/2016 22:58 BST
Higher Phone Bills Inside the

Higher Phone Bills Inside the EU

Does this sound fair to you? As a result your phone bill will be higher for 50 weeks of the year, whereas it may be lower for the 2-week holiday. In addition, this policy is strikingly regressive. Who will benefit from this policy? The middle classes going to the Alps three times a year on skiing holidays. Who will pay for it? Those who can't afford to go on holiday.
21/06/2016 16:00 BST
Dodgy Dave's Turkish

Dodgy Dave's Turkish Dishonesty

"Misleading" and "absolutely wrong" is how the Prime Minister describes 'Leave' campaigners who suggest Turkey could join the European Union. Unfortunately for him, it's Mr Cameron who has in fact been "misleading" and "absolutely wrong" - and we have the evidence to prove it.
16/06/2016 15:44 BST
The EU's Tax on TV and

The EU's Tax on TV and Film

Laws about Netflix, Amazon Prime and TV adverts should not be determined in any sphere other than nationally. We at Get Britain Out simply cannot think of a reason why these rules cannot be determined by our elected Government at Westminster, rather than 28 unelected EU commissioners in Brussels.
04/06/2016 23:18 BST
The Progressive Case for

The Progressive Case for Brexit

If you are a progressive, it is time to make your voice heard. It isn't progressive to treat Europeans better than Indians, it isn't progressive to keep Africa poor, it isn't progressive to treat democracy with contempt and it certainly isn't progressive to tax sanitary products. Say it loud and clear, it is time to Get Britain Out.
17/05/2016 11:36 BST
Britain's Future Secured by

Britain's Future Secured by Brexit

Scaremongering quotes are now the modus operandi of our Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, who argues European Union membership is vital for our security. Over recent months Hammond has become one of the biggest cheerleaders for the UK to remain inside the EU. This has been an extraordinary U-turn by the formerly Eurosceptic Foreign Secretary, who argued very clearly in 2014 for the UK to leave the EU.
19/04/2016 12:18 BST
The Undemocratic EU Explained - It Will Never

The Undemocratic EU Explained - It Will Never Change

The EU is a highly undemocratic organisation ratcheting more and more power with every passing day. It is impervious to public opinion. The people who matter in the law-making process are unelected and therefore unaccountable...
21/03/2016 12:21 GMT
Sovereignty, What

Sovereignty, What Sovereignty?

Soon Parliament will debate the second reading of United Kingdom Borders (Control and Sovereignty) Bill, calling for the restoration of UK Parliamentary Sovereignty. It will make particular reference to our British Parliament being able to decide the immigration policy of this country - a pledge first made in the 2010 Conservative Party Manifesto...
11/03/2016 16:23 GMT