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My Summer Sporting Highlight?

My Summer Sporting Highlight? Speedway

Any spurious aspiration I might have had to try the sport is dashed as it turns out Speedway bikes have NO brakes. It's at this point that I'm starting to think that this hasn't been thought through very well and/or it's a sport for the self-destructively inclined.
29/09/2017 14:04 BST
A Festival Of

A Festival Of Fitness

It's potentially a seasonal alternative to more well-known forms of exercise I reckon, and one I'd advocate as an avid festivalgoer myself. So get your glitter on, I say, and get moving. In fact, I'm tempted to petition parliament about subsidising festival tickets as a means of reducing obesity levels in the UK...
04/08/2017 14:18 BST
What Makes The Cheaters

What Makes The Cheaters Cheat?

There are ever-increasing numbers of stories about fairness in sport, from drugs to financial impropriety. Efforts are being made by governing bodies to address them and though the task is sizable, it will bring about improvements.
14/07/2017 11:48 BST
Mind Your Language - Talking About Mental

Mind Your Language - Talking About Mental Health

Given this national pastime of oversharing, buoyed further by the unstoppable juggernaut that is our collective social media obsession, why aren't there more public conversations matters of the mind, on anxiety, stress and depression?
08/05/2017 17:24 BST
The Commonality Of

The Commonality Of Kindness

You'll have heard the story by now. On Sunday, an Englishman was helped out of a tight spot by a Welshman. I like to think there's a certain poetic quality to having the 'dragon' being the good guy on St George's Day, but this is not a tale of nationality, but one of sportsmanship and human kindness
26/04/2017 14:21 BST
Are Esports Diluting The Physical Activity

Are Esports Diluting The Physical Activity Message?

If we want children to engage in more sport to live healthier lives, then it doesn't help to have any confusion over definitions. I realise that not all sports are very physical, but gaming is already extremely popular and the issue of children being stuck to screens needs to be mitigated, not made worse.
23/03/2017 17:51 GMT
Sport, Men and Mental

Sport, Men and Mental Health

I'm a jolly person. Those who've met me would probably agree. Others would say my chirpy demeanour is something that comes across pretty strongly in fact. So, I'm happy, right? My mental state is healthy, yes? Well yes, luckily it is. At the moment.
24/02/2017 16:36 GMT
Where Are All The Gay Football

Where Are All The Gay Football Players?

The first high profile gay footballer will need to be thick-skinned and have the vocal support of all those that seek to see diversity represented in sport. There is a possibility that their career might suffer too. It may be the case that clubs avoid a perceived risk to supporter income by employing a gay star and that sponsors have a similar fear about brand perceptions.
23/02/2017 16:10 GMT