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Melissa Kirwan

Young Persons Case Worker and mental health advocate

I'm Melissa. I'm a Young Persons Case Worker for the West Sussex Young Persons Substance Misuse Service and an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. I wanted to start a blog to document the successes and struggles of my everyday life, but also as an attempt to help people become more aware of mental health. As a sufferer of OCD, which stems from emetophobia (the fear of being sick), for 12 years and more recently bouts of depression, I like to think I know at least a small amount about this subject. It's something that troubles me hugely that mental illness is largely ignored or seen as something the individual can just "get over" in today's society. My aim is to reach even just a handful of people to help overcome this. I also want to try and bring tough subjects into conversation, so we can start tackling taboos and stigma that only serve to victimise and isolate. So, as well as making an attempt to log the memories and moments of my life, I'd be ecstatic if I can help some others along the way. Melissa x
The Perfect Body

The Perfect Body Myth

Of course, eating healthily and getting some exercise is important, but sometimes we can become too engrossed in that lifestyle. Life is also about taking care of yourself and your mental health and also having a damn good time.
31/03/2017 11:16 BST
We Are Not

We Are Not Equal

In light of the recent well-documented American Presidency news, it seems appropriate to acknowledge the profound change Trump is bringing to the world. Specifically, the reaction he's evoked in those concerned with women's rights.
30/01/2017 12:42 GMT
We Need To Talk About

We Need To Talk About Suicide

Suicide isn't something that regularly makes it into everyday conversation. It's that big taboo subject that everyone tends to shy away from, even the word is loaded with all sorts of meanings and negative images. But the fact is that it's something that needs to be spoken about.
06/12/2016 13:20 GMT
The Power Of

The Power Of Words

So next time you automatically want to use phrases such as "I'm so OCD about that" or "I'm so depressed today", just thinking about the alternatives you can use and being aware of your language can help the cause. Thank you!
22/11/2016 15:27 GMT