Nader Dehdashti

My name is Nader Dehdashti and I currently work in television. I like to write about life and all the lessons I have learnt from going through the waves of life. I have been through heartbreak, loss, self-validity and a constant quest of self-discovery.

Experienced Editorial Assistant Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Documentaries, iMovie, Television, and Short Films. Strong media and communication professional graduated from Frensham Heights. Also the founder of Non Profit Happy Space. Happy Space is a preventative mental wellbeing non-profit organisation helping university students ask and answer the question, "why don't I feel ok"?
Millennials - The Good, The Bad And The

Millennials - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

For those of you who don't know what Millennials are, we are the Generation Y, the people now aged between 22- 35. The generation that precedes us are Generation X. I would like to look deeply into what makes us the worst best generation ever.
30/05/2017 12:17 BST
The Power Of

The Power Of Floating

He showed each of us to our private room where a large white pod filled with salt water greeted me. He explained its features and left us to shower and hop in. Normally I would be nervous, but the staff were so friendly and positive that any residual nerves evaporated.
03/05/2017 11:41 BST
Finding Happiness In Your

Finding Happiness In Your Twenties

I am just going to come out and say it; the twenties are the new thirties. There is too much pressure on young adults to have it all figured it out before they hit their thirties and this can make it very difficult to search for happiness when you're too busy finding your purpose in life.
14/03/2017 11:50 GMT
Dealing With My Father's

Dealing With My Father's Passing

No one prepares you for the intensity of grief and loss. There is no warning about the speed at which you are expected to close someone else's life. The documents you must sign and the countless phone calls to funeral directors, each time reminding you of the loss you have suffered.
10/03/2017 11:40 GMT