Neil McKain

Head of Religious Studies, Pipers Corner School

Neil graduated in Theology and RS from the University of Leeds in 2002 and has an MA in Philosophy and Religion from Heythrop College, University of London. His Farmington Fellowship project in 2012 centred on the use of formal debating in RE and involved working with some inner London schools with little prior experience of debating. He is also an educational adviser for TrueTube and maintains a great interest in the effective use of digital technology to aid learning.
Why We're Teaching Students About the 7/7

Why We're Teaching Students About the 7/7 Bombings

Like many Londoners, 7 July 2005 began for me as a normal working day. I drove from my flat in Queens Park to Ealing where I was working as an estate agent. Morning briefing done, our team of sales negotiators 'hit the phones' to drum up business and book appointments. Then people's mobiles started beeping. Other offices started calling in. Something was going on in central London.
07/07/2015 10:25 BST