Nikki Harper

Author, astrologer, spiritualist and home educating Mum

Nikki Harper is an author, astrologer and mind body spirit expert, who has written for numerous magazines and publications both in the UK and abroad.

Her first book, “Moon Surfing: A Lunar Astrology Guide for Teens”, is due for publication in October 2012.

Nikki home educates her teen daughter, and is passionate about freedom in education.

Nikki blogs about home education at Home Ed Grows Up and about mind body spirit topics at Spirit Odyssey.

She tweets an eclectic mixture of both from @SpiritOdyssey.
The Truth About Ouija

The Truth About Ouija Boards

Are ouija boards dangerous? As it's Halloween, it's the peak time of the year for people to dabble with ouija. And - ooh, look - the same old hysteria is beginning to erupt any time someone mentions the dreaded board.
28/10/2012 13:56 GMT
Five Spiritual Lessons Spiders Can Teach

Five Spiritual Lessons Spiders Can Teach Us

I measure the arrival and progress of Autumn by one simple thing. Not the changing colours of the leaves. Not the darkening evenings. Not the increasing wind and nip in the air. Not even the shops stuffed with Halloween costumes. No. I measure the arrival and progress of Autumn by how many times I have to leave the room in a cold sweat because of a spider.
10/09/2012 15:27 BST
Confessions of a Horoscope

Confessions of a Horoscope Writer

Until recently, I had a dirty little secret. I write horoscopes. Or at least, I used to. Now it's not such a dirty little secret because a) I've just told you and b) there aren't that many horoscope clients left in my portfolio any more, anyway. But back in the day - oh yes.
23/07/2012 16:12 BST
Seven Lessons I

Seven Lessons I Teach

Twenty one years ago, on being named New York State Teacher of the Year 1991, John Taylor Gatto made a famous and powerful speech denouncing the American school system and questioning its hidden curriculum, designed to produce generation after generation of helpless, powerless people.
24/06/2012 18:24 BST
Ultra Vires Home Education Monitoring: Badman By the Back

Ultra Vires Home Education Monitoring: Badman By the Back Door?

I object to my family facing discrimination and bias. I object to my child's privacy being invaded on a regular basis for no good reason. I object that unnecessary demands on my family take away resources from children who do need help. I object to being branded a criminal. Wouldn't you?
23/05/2012 17:24 BST