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Nikki Wright is an interior design blogger and self-confessed home bird. She has been in the creative world for over a decade, and after graduating university with a fashion degree, she became a ladiesware buyer for a top-notch e-tailer, followed by a long stint at Paul Smith HQ. Now with a step away from the fashion world, she has launched Butterfly Lane, which showcases her interior design inspirations along with specially selected beautiful products and design. Her style is opulent and elegant, using muted colour palettes and lashings of sparkling glass. Now with a move to the rural countryside and a renovation project to transform her Georgian home underway, she firmly believes it’s time to channel English country living at its best.
My Favourite Looks For: Living

My Favourite Looks For: Living Rooms

We have just finished decorating our living room, so we are left with a shell to fill with personality, which in my opinion is by far the best bit.
03/07/2014 11:34 BST


I'm a self-confessed colourphobe when it comes to interior design. If it's not in the taupe, grey, white, or from the 'neutral' family, I'm usually not listening! Now, as we begin to embrace the new season here at Butterfly Lane, I am determined to also embrace the subject of colour - and injecting it in to interior design.
10/01/2014 13:05 GMT
Style: The Gallery

Style: The Gallery Wall

Gallery walls create a chic and stylish statement for any room in your home. Use different sized and shaped frames to create a haphazard, 'thrown on the wall' look or simply use identical frames for a uniformed style, like below.
30/09/2013 14:06 BST
Must Have Metal:

Must Have Metal: Copper

The copper hue is on the rise and I couldn't be more excited. It has a warmth and style that cannot be matched by other metals. Copper doesn't overwhelm the interior of a room, it is very subtle but steals the show every time.
24/09/2013 10:53 BST
Debate: Modern Luxury or Classic Country

Debate: Modern Luxury or Classic Country Chic?

in the last few months I've hit an unexpected cross roads in my design life, where I am beginning to be divided between classic country chic styling and modern simplicity. Now, I live in a listed property but this doesn't mean I can't delve in to my inner modernista does it?
09/09/2013 11:56 BST
The Colour of 2013 Is...

The Colour of 2013 Is... Green!

So, the colour of 2013 will be green. From clothes, jewels and interiors this fresh shade will be dominant. I have made it abundantly clear about my desire of neutral, uncompromising interiors, but a <em>hint</em> of colour is always welcome.
08/01/2013 16:20 GMT

Wimbledon Whites

In honour of Wimbledon, I've put together a selection of my favourite all white interiors in a collection of mood boards. I hope they inspire you to add white in to your home.
29/06/2012 14:37 BST

Kitchen Love

I admit it; I am a 'wannabe' domestic goddess! I love nothing more than hosting guests in my home, pouring drinks, laying out nibbles, and making everywhere look pretty. This is why the kitchen is such an important room in my home, like it is for many other like-minded, homely folk.
20/06/2012 11:20 BST