Patrick Van der Vorst

Fine art and antiques specialist

Patrick van der Vorst created his online antiques business ValueMyStuff five years ago.

He is a passionate moderniser, determined to demystify the fine art and antiques world and make it more accessible. ValueMyStuff evaluates clients’ antiques online from digital photographs and additional information. Patrick has assembled a panel of over sixty experts who cover every conceivable aspect of the antiques world, from medals to miniatures, contemporary sculpture to chess sets. This expertise is available to everyone for just ten pounds.

Patrick used to be Head of Continental Furniture at Sotheby’s, specialising in 18th-century French pieces. He had always wanted to do something online and left Sotheby’s in 2009 to set up his own company. At that time, ‘the art business online used the internet as a shop window’ rather than using it as a tool to do business. So, he decided to start an online valuation service. They now value between 200 to 300 objects a day.
Russian Art: To Buy or Not to

Russian Art: To Buy or Not to Buy

Following the various bans imposed on Russian citizens living in Europe, and the drop in oil prices, there was apprehension surrounding Russian Art Week in London last month. Dealers and auction houses were wondering how the political and economical situation would impact the Russian art market. In essence, the market has proven to remain strong.
19/12/2014 05:38 GMT
Art and

Art and Technology

The online incarnation of the art market is changing centuries-old habits of art consumption - 71% of collectors have purchased art through the Internet, which I think is quite a substantial figure thus demonstrating people feel more and more comfortable buying art online.
26/11/2014 13:09 GMT
Collecting Fine

Collecting Fine Watches

The watch has become a quintessential item of style and functionality. A popular article of dress, antique and rare watches have come to be considered as collectible items of jewellery, for their ornamental value rather than just for their time-keeping function.
13/11/2014 10:55 GMT
Collecting Contemporary

Collecting Contemporary Art

Since 2010 the Contemporary art market has skyrocketed - seeing Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips de Pury achieving top prices and world records for numerous contemporary artists. The market remains bullish for high-quality contemporary works.
19/08/2014 17:35 BST