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Preetam Kaushik


Preetam Kaushik is a Mumbai-based Journalist and editor who focuses on culture, business, politics and economy. A former Freelance Mumbai Correspondent for Business Insider India and Freelance Journalist for,his work has been published by The Times of India, Economic Times, WIRED, and World Economic Forum. His written articles have been frequently cited by the mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post, Economic Times, Yahoo Finance etc.

Host City Criticism Is The New Olympic Sport

The number of sports featured in the Olympic Games, for various reasons, changes constantly. The 2016 Rio de Janeiro event had 28 games, as had the previous three Olympics since 2000. In 2012, the games in London had only 26 after baseball and softball were dropped by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
12/09/2016 12:43 BST

Tasting Food From Different Parts of the World

What can open the home and hearts of people to something beyond token secularism? Food festivals, says modern economics, are going to be the next big issue where policies can be put to test. Will you allow yourself a gastronomic sense and experience delight when you taste food from different parts of the world?
10/09/2015 11:07 BST

Why Bilingual Education Is Expanding Our World

English is necessary. But to what extent? All the way? Just because something is not in every day usage doesn't mean that it is not being used elsewhere and may not one day come in handy for you.
13/08/2015 09:38 BST

Japan-Korea: Making A History Out of History

While Germany and Japan are advised to inquire into their souls, Korea is suggested to really consider the ramifications of robbing the country of its honor and its countrymen, should it try to not forget the past and live in the present.
29/07/2015 10:18 BST

Why Bail-out Is Not a Victory for Either Greece or Eurozone

For the time being the deal prevented Greece's exit from eurozone and endorsed the notion of a united European entity. But how long this can be sustained is a question that even the strongest empathisers of a collective European reality would want to conveniently skip.
17/07/2015 11:47 BST

Artificial Intelligence: Road Ahead for Banking Sector

Understanding this has to be an effort within the context of banking, big global banks such as UBS are turning towards technology and AI to mine data for insight into customers and help lenders stay competitive in the digital era.
14/07/2015 09:06 BST

Who Decides the Fate of Commercial Drones?

Owning a drone and flying a drone is not the same thing, for the rules about being able to fully utilise the talent of drones, both commercially or for pleasure have been not exactly friendly or coherent.
10/07/2015 09:34 BST

Will the World Plug Into the Sun?

Even as the world is frantically searching for alternative energy, there is one source that will always hang around without ever getting depleted. The Sun. In the next 10 to 20 years, or maybe even by 2050, solar PV is expected to be the main source of powerful energy, suited to the new millennium.
29/06/2015 10:41 BST

When Innovation Breeds Inequality

Somehow, there seems to be something utopian about the ideologies we have believed. Did we all not grow up assuming or just believing a 'just' society is a 'fair' society and vice versa? In the following years, did we not learn to separate 'justice' from 'fairness' because what is just cannot and need not be fair all the time?
23/04/2015 13:26 BST

White Island Throbs With Festive Energy in Winter

Winter has locals turning out a hearty chat with visitors. Summer has them all busy and going everywhere since the business is brisk and the lure of a quick buck often takes over grace and gratitude. Nightlife in Ibiza during winter months is more than awesome.
17/12/2014 01:34 GMT