Rima Sams

Owner at House of Khadi

Born and raised in North Kensington, Rima’s passion for fabrics and design were cultivated from a young age through daily trips along the Portobello Road. At the age of 16 she moved to the Lower East Side in New York where she became immersed in the ‘dance music’ club culture and underground art scene in and around the Lower East Side and SoHo.
Back in the UK in the early nineties, she and her brother launched the world’s first energy drink – ‘GUSTO’ – still the best of the bunch, with substantial levels of energizing herbs and Organic www.drinkgusto.com

After selling the brand in 1998 she moved to Ibiza with her young son, Mars.
During the winter seasons in Goa, Rima designed spacious and luxurious mosquito nets (using vintage lace, very light soft cottons and ribbon piping) that were sold online and in Ibiza and southern Spain. She also designed a range of Kids and Adults Pyjamas, women’s summer clothing and boy’s cowboy shirts under her Honey Habibi label. These were marketed in boutiques throughout Europe and in Ibiza and in her own shop, Rimars in the north of the island.
A few years ago she designed men’s shirts using a special hand spun and hand woven cotton known as KHADI. Following very positive feedback and larger orders, she decided to make a collection. This enabled her to go further afield in sourcing the finest KHADI in India. Rima has now partnered up with her very close friend Lily De Kergeriest Gutierrez who has worked extensively in fashion in London and New York for over a decade on magazines, for brands, in PR and as a stylist. Together, Rima and Lily have created a Slow Fashion range of ethical and sustainable, lightweight luxury KHADI shirts for men and women under the name of House of Khadi.
Building House Of Khadi - An Ethical Fashion

Building House Of Khadi - An Ethical Fashion Label

I am very open to sharing information and knowledge with other ethical and sustainable fashion designers and bloggers to strengthen the message of high standards of environmental awareness and eco-consciousness in our industry. Together we are stronger!
30/05/2017 13:36 BST
The Road To House Of Khadi

The Road To House Of Khadi Continued...

Here in India, the money crisis has passed and the daily allowance from ATMs is back to normal. It was humbling to witness how very patiently the locals coped throughout the crisis, with a calm and unruffled attitude, whilst I struggled to constrain my inherent urban angst.
22/02/2017 16:49 GMT
The Road To House Of

The Road To House Of Khadi

Back in Anjuna I sifted my way through the bundles wrapped in yesterday's news. I matched fabrics and trimmings with my favourite items of clothing. Having grown up on Portobello Road, I had been collecting vintage clothes since I was thirteen. I hauled the huge bag to a local Nepali tailor and handed over my original pieces, explaining that I wanted them copied, but altered in quite radical ways.
23/01/2017 14:05 GMT