Sally Hall

I hope my journey will be enlightening for those suffering grief.

Normal mum, normal family, normal views all changed when my son son Skye was diagnosed with cancer. Because of his attitude, fortitude and insight, I am still standing (just) but life will NEVER be the same again since his death. How does one carry on after a loss so great? There are many days I do not know the answer to this.
Join me as I see 'society' in a new way. I am honest in what I write and I hope my journey will perhaps be enlightening especially for those who do not know how to support friends or family suffering great loss but desperately want to.
Life Is Like a Chocolate Easter

Life Is Like a Chocolate Easter Nest

I honestly don't know what matters and what doesn't any more. Some days I take on the top medics and politicians just seeking the truth and to fight for a better future for children diagnosed with the number one cancer killer in children - brain tumours. Other days I just stare into space wondering what on earth we are here for.
07/04/2015 14:32 BST
Mother's Day After Death of a

Mother's Day After Death of a Child

I think any parents with a very sick child on an oncology ward would agree that their mothers have been rocks in terms of practical support. I can only imagine what it must have felt for my mum to have been told the devastating news about Skye's cancer.
17/03/2015 12:07 GMT