Sally Hunt

General secretary of the University and College Union

Sally Hunt is general secretary of the University and College Union (UCU).

Academics' Survey Shows Little Support For Higher Education Bill

To protect our students and the global reputation enjoyed by UK universities, we must have more rigorous quality measures applied before any new provider is allowed to access either degree awarding powers or state funding via the student loans system. And it's time for a major rethink on the Tef, which cannot be successful while so many question its value. Let's hope the minister is in listening mode.
09/01/2017 09:56 GMT

Why the Prison Book Ban Will Lead to Higher Levels of Reoffending

The evidence shows that prison education works and is effective in cutting reoffending. Our prisons should focus on that positive and be geared towards making education more accessible. Books are a key building block of education and vital in efforts to cut reoffending rates.
25/03/2014 15:13 GMT

Second University Forced Into Climbdown on Unpaid Jobs

An advert for an unpaid research post was taken down yesterday just 30 minutes after the University and College Union (UCU) released a statement condemning the practice of getting researchers to work for free.<a href=" " target="_hplink"> </a>
06/08/2012 13:29 BST