Sarah Campbell

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Sarah Campbell is a writer, actor and stand-up. She has organised the following by skill area (I know, you’re totally welcs):

Just writing: Sarah is currently a writer for BBC3’s Russell Howard’s Good News, and has written jokes for Have I Got News For You, ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now, and sketches for Radio 4’s Newsjack.
Writing and performing: Sarah has written and appeared in sketches for BBC Comedy Online with her double act Christmas For Two (watch them here and here). Plus she writes and appears in clips for The Poke like this one. She also wrote and performed in BBC3’s comedy ident. She scripted and starred in the short comic film The Bride & the Bride which was selected for the BFI’s 25th London Lesbian And Gay Film Festival.
Acting: Sarah’s TV credits include Live At The Electric (BBC3), New Tricks (BBC1), and Sky sitcoms The Spa and Spy in which she played Agent Lisa. She also recently played Mila Kunis’s evil gynecological nurse in the forthcoming movie Jupiter Ascending from Matrix creators The Wachowskis. She hasn’t had to buy a drink since.

Stand-up: Sarah began her career as a finalist in the national stand-up competition Funny Women in 2008, and has gigged all over the UK for clubs including The Stand, Spank!, and the Frog and Bucket club in Manchester. In 2013 she will take her debut full length show Sarah Campbell: Isn't it Fun??????? to the Edinburgh Festival.
The Edinburgh Festival Review of Everything: Using A Mobile

The Edinburgh Festival Review of Everything: Using A Mobile Phone

I understand that you can't get reception in the many caves and basements of this city - I get that, I really do. But my flat's on the third floor, centrally located on The Meadows, and I have to go to the park if I want to make a phonecall, like I'm in The Wire or something. At least it didn't rain in Baltimore. Today I had to sit on a plastic bag.
21/08/2013 13:13 BST