Sarah Tinsley

Writer, blogger, teacher, runner, drummer

Sarah spent most of her childhood in Cornwall but isn’t very good at surfing. After graduating from Southampton with a degree in English and Music, she immediately left the country and spent the next few years wandering around Asia and Europe teaching English. After rejoining the real world, she came back and trained to be a secondary English teacher. After spending six years helping hundreds of students analyse and create their own stories through words and film, she decided it was her turn.

Sarah has an MA in Creative Writing from City University in London, and is editing her first novel. She won the International Segora Short Story competition in 2015, and was Highly Acclaimed in the Aurora Short Fiction competition in 2016. Her short fiction and reviews have been published online and in various literary magazines.

The Power of Words ( explores her fascination with the power of words in a range of contexts. Not a big fan of spare time, she also runs marathons and plays samba reggae on a very big drum.

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