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Shazia Awan

Proud feminist, Welsh, Muslim, love politics. Former Parliamentary Candidate, Volunteer,Equality Activist. Pro EU. Global Citizen

Welsh Muslim, passionate feminist, love business, love politics and sparkle. Former Conservative Parliamentary candidate. Committed volunteer. Love working in the community. Vice President of Council for Wales Youth Services, Show Racism The Red Card Ambassador, Women Create Co-Founder. PR Consultant committed to standing up for equality.

Wales Needs Better Transport Links Not A Rebrand

Having been born and raised in Wales, for me it's obvious that Wales is a beautiful, vibrant and culturally rich country. I'm fortunate enough to be able to say I'm Welsh and call Wales home.
22/09/2017 11:47 BST

Welsh Assembly Form Equates Being Welsh With Being White

As someone born in Caerphilly, who grew up in Wales, and is learning Welsh, I feel nothing but Welsh. I am a proud Welsh Asian - and yet the Welsh Assembly appear to be telling me and many like me that that's not an option.
12/12/2016 12:24 GMT

I Watch The Growing Puritanical Attitudes Of Young Muslims With Apprehension

I've lived all over the UK but South Wales is where my heart is.I was born in Caerphilly and grew up in Cardiff, I love going to the rugby, scoffing Welsh cakes and going out with mates. Cardiff is a vibrant city, we Welsh are some of the funniest, kindest people I have met and I am proud to say I am Welsh and call Cardiff my home.
26/09/2016 12:47 BST

The United Kingdom Is United in Name Only

We shouldn't aim to be "tolerant." Tolerance is not good enough. Let acceptance and fairness be our goals. We must overcome the unease of talking about race honestly and bypass this hideous false sense of cultural sensitivity and political correctness. It's taken us backwards, not forwards.
24/08/2016 14:20 BST

Why Are We Tolerating This Language From An MP? Sorry Will Not Do.

At a time when I have personally been urging members of the public to report unpleasant and offensive post-Brexit rhetoric to the police - with the racial hatred and xenophobia spreading across the UK, hearing these words normalised by a elected Member of Parliament is truly is a disaster for community cohesion in all parts of Britain.
27/07/2016 13:18 BST