Shelina Permalloo

TV Chef and Masterchef winner

After being crowned the winner of MasterChef 2012 Shelina Permalloo has been catapulted into the culinary world. She wowed the audience and the judges with her creative Mauritian dishes, and is now embarking on her career combining her talent and passion as an up and coming chef.
In the summer of 2012 Shelina signed a two book deal with leading food publishers Ebury Press. Shelina has recently created recipes for Billington’s unrefined sugar, Cuisinart and Weight Watchers.
Shelina is a regular guest on This Morning, Sunday Brunch and featured on the hit Channel 4 daytime What’s Cooking? Shelina is currently working on a new upcoming TV series and in addition is busy setting up and opening her own restaurant.
Born in Southampton to her Mauritian parents, Shelina learned her skills and knowledge of Mauritian cooking from spending time in the kitchen with her mother and aunt. She also used her cooking as a way of making herself feel closer to her culture and heritage, having never lived in Mauritius herself.

My First Restaurant - Lakaz

My First Restaurant - Lakaz Maman

These aren't currently on the menu but they're something my Mum cooked for me last week and as soon as I ate them I realised I needed to update the specials showcasing these delicious crispy and addictive morsels. These are what we call 'Gateaux Bringelle' meaning aubergine cake, similar to ad pakora or bhaji but lighter in flavour and texture.
02/05/2016 19:52 BST
Flourless Pistachio and Chai Masala

Flourless Pistachio and Chai Masala Brownies

These brownies are exceptionally chewy, sticky and moist. I used Holy Lama Spice Drops to get a beautifully fragrant masala chai flavour and I have to say it ended up being so subtle with hints of spice which didn't overpower the dark chocolate and delicate pistachio flavour either.
25/02/2016 17:18 GMT
Pistachio and Orange Blossom

Pistachio and Orange Blossom Baklava

So this recipe is in spite of everything I've been seeing on my Instagram feed recently of spicing up kale crisps as a treat! This is a treat. A real, pure, unadulterated treat which should be treated with care in the administering and devouring of this delicious baklava (or baklava) recipe.
26/01/2016 15:37 GMT
Chebakia - Moroccan Honey and Sesame

Chebakia - Moroccan Honey and Sesame Cookies

These uniquely shaped cookies are made typically using a special cutter which creates a beautiful flower which is a skill to do by hand with an interesting approach to weaving pastry in and out to form a beautiful looking flower.
24/06/2015 17:33 BST
Beef, Lemongrass and Sichuan

Beef, Lemongrass and Sichuan Pepper

The key flavours to this dish are lemongrass and Sichuan pepper. In Mauritius we call lemongrass 'citronelle' and we use it a lot in desserts, cocktails and in sauces and in Asian cuisine it is integral to any paste - like Thai green and red curry paste for example.
29/04/2015 18:58 BST
Banana and Almond

Banana and Almond Lattice

It's National Pie Week and what better way to celebrate than to take tropical inspiration from this delicious Banana Lattice. With vanilla, almonds and unrefined sugar, this sweet tropical twist on a classic pie really will be something you'll probably cook over and over.
04/03/2015 17:33 GMT
Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut

Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut Cookies

Originating in Mexico, vanilla is part of the Orchid family and is the only edible orchid in the world. Vanilla itself is a green pod which has to be picked, dried and cured for it to resemble the luscious dark pod we know it as.
10/02/2015 17:40 GMT
National Curry

National Curry Week

It's national curry week and I thought I'd make my own unique curry that I could share with you. It was 2 years ago that I won MasterChef with my Mauritian Mutton Curry and who would've thought that something that was a family classic would win a culinary TV show like MasterChef.
22/10/2014 11:16 BST
Fig, Orange Blossom and Almond

Fig, Orange Blossom and Almond Tart

I thought I'd have a go at making an easy Crème Pat without the stress. I've figured it out and it works so well. This recipe I made at the weekend for the family and it is full of lovely middle eastern flavouring such as orange blossom, almonds and figs.
20/10/2014 00:31 BST
A Trip Down Memory

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Traditionally in Mauritius we make this with corned mutton which has a much stronger flavour and Iove it but I love corned beef as well and in the UK this is readily available and easier to get hold of. To be honest with you I love most tinned things, sardines, mackerel, anchovies and I suppose it's mostly out of nostalgia
10/09/2014 17:36 BST
My Simple Carrot, Pistachio and Raisin

My Simple Carrot, Pistachio and Raisin Cake

This cake idea was inspired by looking at my twitter feed and seeing how many people were preparing for Ramadan this year and the anticipation of Iftar. 'Iftar' which is the meal that is eaten to break fast. Usually starts with a date and some water followed by an array of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates...
04/07/2014 17:26 BST

Son-in-Law Eggs

These eggs, aptly named <em>son-in-law eggs</em> are a Thai staple and according to research into the name, this dish is apparently a warning from a Mother in law to her 'soon to be' son-in-law, that if he doesn't treat her daughter well then it may not be eggs that will be used the next time she cooks them!
05/06/2014 17:12 BST
Shelina's Summer Rice

Shelina's Summer Rice Pudding

Rice pudding purists turn away now. In a break from tradition I like to use basmati rice in this recipe, now my logic for this is basmati rice is a tender long grain rice which has a delicate and almost perfumed taste to it. Coconut milk is fragrant, sweet and perfumed...
03/06/2014 17:40 BST

Mango Mania

I couldn't ignore blogging about mangoes with all the drama surrounding banning the import of mangoes into the UK. For anyone who knows me of course you'll know that I couldn't live without out them!
15/05/2014 19:34 BST
Lazy Chicken One Pot

Lazy Chicken One Pot Wonder

I initially wanted a chicken soup but then I realised I wanted something a bit more substantial. So I created this dish, which I suppose is a hybrid between a tagine and a light stew. I prepared this dish like a tagine in the sense of layering but added more water to it to create a soupy base.
23/04/2014 17:18 BST
Chicken and Prawn Magic Rice Bowl

Chicken and Prawn Magic Rice Bowl Recipe

It's a great dish to serve at a party for a bit of a wow factor, but it's really easy to put together. For those Mauritians out there and for anyone who's holidayed on the island I'm sure this will bring back fond memories so Bon Appetit!
20/03/2014 17:21 GMT
Baked Tofu With Sriracha - Instant Warmer for

Baked Tofu With Sriracha - Instant Warmer for Winter

Before I was involved with filming I always assumed that it would be a simple one shot wonder and voila! When you see food prepared on the screen it's really easy to forget the logistics behind filming food - I've since learnt that there's a lot of planning and thought before the shoot and a lot of preparation before each shot.
21/02/2014 18:16 GMT