Shwan Zulal

Managing Director at Carduchi-Kurdistan oil & Associate at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS)

Consultant and Political Analyst focused on Kurdistan Region and Iraq oil industry with expertise covering a broad spectrum of political, governmental and social risk management from the planning process of corporate strategy to implementation in Kurdistan region and Iraq. A Research Associate at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), Kings College London Worked on major projects including two of the largest oil sector acquisitions to date in Kurdistan Region. Specialist in, Government relations, Business development, Due diligence & Market Entry Strategy, with a track record advising Super Majors (IOCs), IT companies, defence and financial institutions entering Kurdistan region and Iraq. Providing consultancy services and advice to oil companies in Kurdistan region on retainer bases and have successfully provided mediations services. Main area of expertise is the oil & gas, mining and financial sectors, interfacing between Government, communities, companies and media. I use a valuable network of contacts and knowledge of the region to help businesses make the right decisions and provide support to achieve sustainable growth. Have also successfully helped oil companies with CSR projects, interfacing with local communities and bridging the cultural gaps. I have and continue to take part in many expert panels, TV debates and Think Tank discussion and chair such meetings at Kings College Policy Institute, AUIS, EUCERS, SETA, IRIS, BBC, RT, France 24, CTV, Al jazeera and others organisations. Main focus is Hydrocarbon policies, Oil markets, banking and political implications of policies in Iraq/Kurdistan region and border middle east. Managing editor of Carduchi Kurdistan Energy and Politics weekly. The publication is a subscription based and cover the nuance of Kurdish politics in relation with oil and gas sector.