Simon Cowell MBE

Passionate environmental realist who believes an holistic approach is the only way forward to redress Mans damage to this fragile planet.

Simon Cowell MBE FRGS MCIJ
Wildlife ‘rehabber’, environmental champion and documentary film-maker

“Simon Cowell is a man with a mission. He believes Mankind and Nature have got themselves ‘out of sync’. He is right. But he is not one of those dry-as-dust, ever-so-dreary, eco-zealots. He is a man of passion, who believes in what he says and has the rare gift of being able to communicate those beliefs in a way that immediately strikes a chord with any audience – and always with humour, laced with anecdotes, and relevant to people's everyday lives.”
– Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“The eccentric, irrepressible Simon Cowell and his team of volunteers at Wildlife Aid... You don’t have to be mad to work there but it helps.” – Stephen Fry

• Creator, producer, writer and presenter of TV series Wildlife SOS (Britain’s longest-running wildlife documentary show) on Discovery Channel Animal Planet (one of their highest rated shows)
• Now running TheWildlifeAidTV channel on YouTube. Launched in 2013, this is the world’s first internet-based wildlife documentary series
• Experienced writer, commentator, public speaker and broadcaster on animal welfare, nature conservation and biodiversity
• An environmental realist who believes in partnership between charities and the corporate sector to redress the balance between Man and Nature
• Founder – 34 years ago – of the charity that became The Wildlife Aid Foundation, caring for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals
• Simon’s charity deals with 20,000+ wildlife emergencies every year, and has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of wild animals since 1980
• The charity provides free online teaching resources for schools on wildlife and the environment (linked to the science strand of the new National Curriculum)

Broadcasting experience
• Simon has been ‘the face and voice of Wildlife SOS’ (on ITV Meridian, Channel Five and latterly Discovery Channel Animal Planet) for 17 years.
• Guest appearances on TV shows such as The One Show, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Blue Peter, GMTV, This Morning, etc.
• Travelled and filmed world-wide for Discovery Channel Animal Planet – reporting on the plight of wildlife all over the world.
• Broadcasts on all aspects of animal welfare, global environmental issues, habitat protection, and endangered species.
• Believes passionately in the importance of environmental education and the link between animal welfare, nature conservation and habitat preservation.

• Built up the Wildlife Aid Foundation from a tiny back-garden hobby to one of Britain’s leading wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charities, with over 300 volunteer helpers, dealing with 20,000+ wildlife incidents every year.
• Highly respected as a wildlife ‘rehabber’ and therefore regularly asked to speak at conferences and seminars – has been a keynote speaker at the annual conferences of the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association), BWRC (British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council) and BVA (British Veterinary Association), the professional body for all UK vets.
• Has worked ‘hands-on’ with WAF’s partner organizations all over the world – helping to rescue and care for koalas in Australia, cheetahs in Namibia, crocodiles in Belize, wolves in northern Russia, and great white sharks off the coast of South Africa!
• Recent series of Wildlife SOS have seen Simon investigating the plight of mountain gorillas in the Congo, wolves in northern Russia, and moon bears in Vietnam – and included secret filming in an illegal ‘bear bile farm’.
• Wildlife SOS was recognized as the highest rated show on Discover Channel Animal Planet – entertaining and engaging but also educational, with high production values and a commitment to integrity.

• Awarded the MBE for services to wildlife (2005)
• Winner – Charity Times Personality of the Year (2003)
• Simon’s charity, WAF, won the Wetnose “Best Wildlife Rescue Award” 2013

Professional Institutes
• Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
• Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists

Simon Cowell is not just an authoritative commentator on the environment and animal welfare but a highly experienced and adaptable TV and radio presenter, interviewer and interviewee, voiceover artist, public speaker and narrator, with an overwhelming passion for his subject.


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