Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke is director of United for All Ages and Good Care Guide

Stephen Burke is director of the ‘think and do’ tank, United for All Ages, and the trip advisor style website, Good Care Guide. United for All Ages aims to create stronger communities and a stronger Britain by bringing different generations together. This includes promoting and developing shared sites where for example an older people’s housing with care scheme and a nursery share space and activities. Previously Stephen has been chief executive of two national care charities and the leader of a London borough. Currently he is also chair and trustee of several housing, care, ageing and family charities and chair of finance at North Norfolk NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

Is This The Future Of Care For Young And Old?

The co-location of care for young and old makes sense in so many ways. As nurseries and care homes struggle to avoid closure, there are rays of hope on the horizon. Here is a model of care that works for all generations.
04/09/2017 17:32 BST

Five Ways The New Government Can Heal Divisions Between The Generations

Tackling intergenerational inequity is the challenge of our times. Economic measures are required urgently to address the housing crisis and develop fairer taxation. But we also need to bring older and younger people together to discuss mutual concerns and provide shared spaces which can promote stronger understanding and trust between people of all ages.
11/06/2017 19:08 BST

Are Care Vouchers The Answer To The Care Crisis?

Care vouchers would not support integration and would make paying for care even more complex than it currently is. It's not the long-term solution that older and disabled people and their families desperately need.
03/05/2017 12:28 BST

Ten Reminders Why Dilnot's Cap On Care Costs Won't Solve Care Crisis

Back in 2010 the coalition government asked Andrew Dilnot to lead a commission on care funding. He duly reported in 2011 with his proposals including a cap on the cost of care. The government - rightly in my opinion - then in 2015 decided not to implement the cap, set at £72,000, and 'postponed' its implementation until 2020.
31/03/2017 11:41 BST

Will The Budget Tackle The Care Crisis?

On 8 March the Chancellor must show that he understands both the immediate care crisis and the need for a radical and sustainable long term solution. Older and disabled people and their families and carers have been waiting too long for the answer. Let's hope that their expectations aren't dashed yet again.
27/02/2017 12:20 GMT

Should Council Tax Hikes Or National Taxation Fund Better Care?

A new vision has to win popular support. Universality is key to ensuring buy-in from the whole population and to tackling the unpopular and fragmented local variations that currently exist. Universality is also critical to raising the status of care and caring, and the value placed on care.
27/01/2017 11:07 GMT

Will Housing White Paper Make Downsizing A Positive Choice For Older Homeowners?

The government's long-awaited white paper on housing - due to be published shortly - is widely expected to feature measures to promote downsizing by older homeowners. The proposals are predicted to include exemptions on stamp duty for older people moving to smaller properties, thereby freeing up larger homes for younger families as part of the answer to the housing crisis.
27/01/2017 11:04 GMT