Stephen Ferdinando

Radio X Social Media Editor

Steve Ferdinando is a Freelance Radio Producer for Xfm & Capital Fm. He generally works when other, more talented, better paid producers can’t be bothered to come in. He graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2011, where he studied English Literature with Creative Writing. He cleverly avoided any Shakespeare or Chaucer and managed to focus almost all of his attention on Alan Sillitoe, Christopher Isherwood, and the small rectangle menus you find in Wetherspoons. After graduating he completed an internship with BBC 6 Music, where he was passed onto Xfm.

Steve was given Work Experience on the Xfm Breakfast with Danny Wallace. It was due to last two weeks, and ended up lasting sixteen months. During this stint he roamed the streets of central London dressed as a matador, did a lot of rapping, described a turtle he’d seen to Russell Tovvy, ask Ray Winstone who the worst person he’d ever worked with was, played the O2 Academy Brixton in front of 5000 people, and lots of other ridiculous things.

Steve is now freelancing as a radio producer. Feel free to drop him a line. He’s very friendly.

Celebrity Tinder

You've got to feel sorry for celebrities these days. They really miss out on the finer things in life. Things like the majesty of the London Underground, self-service machines at Tesco, and - of course - Tinder. Wouldn't societies most judged love to do a little judging themselves?
17/01/2014 17:47 GMT

Massive Festicals

As I returned from Bestival roughly two week ago, after an indulgent summer of dragging a beer and mud stained tent up and down the country, I came to a conclusion. Festivals are all, in a way, a bit like Glastonbury.
27/09/2013 16:22 BST
The Bank Holiday Weather PR

The Bank Holiday Weather PR Stunt

And yes. It has emerged. The nice weather that occurred over the May Day bank holiday was actually a PR stunt, orchestrated by 'James Chef' - a new branch of holiday makers. I went to their head offices in Southend to find some answers.
23/05/2013 17:27 BST

SnapChat (Uncensored)

It turns out that SnapChat is like Instagram for your genitals. I began asking people if they used SnapChat and, if they did, what kind of pictures they received. Almost everyone I asked was extremely matter-of-fact with their answer. "Willys," they'd say.
07/05/2013 17:24 BST

The TOWIE Initiative

After discovering that the phenomenon TOWIE (<em>The Only Way Is Essex</em>) is currently in its eighth series, I began to get the impression that its genesis had been somewhat forgotten. As it turns out, many people don't realise that Essex is actually a real place. Instead, it seems, they think it's a kind of Disneyland. A theme park that can be holidayed too.
05/03/2013 23:34 GMT
Filling in the

Filling in the Gap

When I finished uni, it became pretty apparent that graduates had almost no chance of survival. A lot of people my age had made the decision to travel. Doing a lower end job becomes more bearable when you can justify it with "well, I'm going travelling in a few months, so whatever."
31/01/2013 17:16 GMT
Work Experience

Work Experience Me

I started working at Xfm in late September 2011. My work experience was due to last two weeks; allowing me a brief but intense insight into life on a London breakfast show. On 21 December 2012, 16 months later, my work experience finally finished.
18/01/2013 20:05 GMT