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Dr Tomas Rawlings

Game Designer, Geek & Design Director, Auroch Digital/GameTheNews.

Dr. Tomas Rawlings is Design Director at Auroch Digital and its acclaimed news-gaming initiative He is an award winning and experienced games designer. He is a well known speaker on video games and also a consultant who has worked with major organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Society, UK Parliament and the BBC. He has a doctorate from the University of the West of England in Software Studies.

Meeple Rising: How Digital Technology Is Growing, Not Killing Board Games

We've seen some of this with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, yet as the technology develops there is clearly much more that can be done. We've also seen digital companies take punts into physical - the developers of one of the biggest games in the world, League of Legends, recently launched a totally new board game.
06/10/2017 13:41 BST

Jack the Ripper: Five Unexplained Mysteries

One of the things that make the search for the culprit both interesting and confusing is that you soon encounter layer upon layer of further mystery surrounding the case. Below are five lesser known mysteries that are hidden within the puzzle of who Jack the Ripper was...
09/01/2015 11:10 GMT

How eSports Is Winning the World's Attention

Unless you are directly involved in the gaming community, you may be oblivious to the rapidly growing phenomena known as eSports. And, assuming you aren't a self-proclaimed techie, your ignorance could be forgiven. But If there was ever a time to sit up and take heed of the eSports juggernaut, then that time is probably now.
22/08/2014 12:10 BST

Games Killed the Video Star: Five Ways That Play Is Beating TV at It's Own Game

I connected to YouTube on a new device recently, so a device without the vast user history Google likes to collect. I noticed at the top of the screen were the top 5 'Most Popular Right Now' videos for the UK. What struck me was that 4 out of 5 were video games. The only non video game offering was a Beyoncé video in second place.
05/06/2014 14:36 BST

The Board Game Renaissance

Welcome to our digital future - everything binary and ethereal. Our lives in the cloud. Relationships conducted via avatar, conversations via Facebook and debates via Twitter. No need for the physical, the digital is the real world now. Or so some would have us believe.
24/09/2013 11:24 BST

Call of Moral Duty - Making Games for Change

We've been making newsgames with the aim of engaging people with real world issues such as the war in Syria and the War on Drugs in Mexico. But games have become a diverse tool that is impacting on more that just the political arena - they are also going for the personal too.
12/09/2013 15:12 BST

Fan Run Sci-fi Event Boosts Gaming Strand

Following the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, London based Sci-fi convention Nine Worlds Geekfest, has steadily been adding a roster of amazing guests and speakers to its inaugural lineup.
30/07/2013 14:42 BST

Games for Change: Play as a Routemap to Understanding

Games have this tendency to simplicity built within them. This is because when you write a game design you have to boil things down to an implementable set of rules that can be interacted with by the players and encoded with the game's system. As such you need to make a whole host of short-cuts, assumptions and abstractions.
18/06/2013 11:03 BST

Gamifying the War on Drugs

At we turn news into games. In reflecting the world around us a singer might write a song, a filmmaker produces a documentary and a journalist writes an article, as games developers we express our interest via games. Just because our form of expression is through games doesn't mean that we take the subject any less seriously.
29/05/2013 13:34 BST

Creating Video Games Inspired by Biomedical Science

If you are a gamer then games like <em>Deus Ex:Human Revolution</em>, <em>Splice</em> or <em>Pandemic</em> will probably be common names to you. These are all titles of well regarded and successful video games, but more than that all of them are video games that draw ideas and inspiration from biomedical sciences.
11/04/2013 14:49 BST

Playing Climate Games with Nature for Keeps

The seed of this game came from the fact that the Kyoto protocol recently expired with nothing to replace it. Basically CO2 emissions are going up and up and collectively not much is happening to bring them down. We'd like to think that reality works the way we'd imagine it should but it doesn't always.
31/01/2013 11:20 GMT

'It's No Game' - The Reaction to Endgame:Syria

As a games designer I wanted to explore issues in the real world and it is natural for me to turn to the medium of games to do that. Making a game exploring an ongoing war was always going to get a reaction, though this was not our motivation.
21/01/2013 17:54 GMT

Comfy Onesie? Good, Now Lets Talk About Cotton...

How tough is it picking cotton? Without being in a field surrounded by the crop, we can't tell you for sure but what we can replicate is the amount of work it entails, the monotony of that work and how much you'll get paid for your time - that is if you're a child working in Uzbekistan.
20/12/2012 17:02 GMT

Moral Kombat: The Obama vs Romney Debate Game

Debates are part of the political battle where fortunes can be won and lost on the turn of a sentence. If you've ever taken part in a full-on debate, you'll know it is hard work. In this game we've simulated 1% of the experience. To win each point you need to type-in your sentence before your opponent completes their counter-point.
19/10/2012 17:56 BST