Waqar Ahmad Ahmedi

Head of Religious Education (including Philosophy & Ethics). Examiner, Private Tutor & Writer. https://waqarahmedi.wordpress.com/

Waqar Ahmad Ahmedi is Head of Religious Education (including Philosophy & Ethics) at Kings Norton Girls’ School, Birmingham. He is also an A level and GCSE Religious Studies examiner, private tutor and writer on faith and education. He blogs at https://waqarahmedi.wordpress.com/ and you can follow him on Twitter @WaqarAhmedi
When Muslims Play

When Muslims Play God...

What's my offence - am I neglecting my prayers, or not eating<em> halal </em>meat? Allow me to first tell you how I came into my faith and practice it today, and then judge for yourself.
15/04/2016 13:04 BST