10/11/2014 05:45 GMT | Updated 09/01/2015 05:59 GMT

So, You Don't Look Like a Hollywood Glamour-Puss?

Body image for women has always been an issue and fashion - to a lot of us - is equally as important, however, fashion and a healthy body image don't always go hand in hand. As we see every day through all different kinds of media - there's a stereotype to be adhered to.

So basically if we don't pump up our lips, buy boob-boosting bras, wear our Bridget Jones style spanx daily and keep on top of our visits to the hairdressers, we're likely to be deemed 'unattractive' by the fashion industry. So what do we say to this? I say screw you, fashionistas!

If a model, UK size 10 is considered a plus-sized figure, then there's literally no hope for the majority of women in Britain as the average clothes size for a UK woman is a 16! Oh no, what unattractive monsters we must all be!

In reality - it's the fashion industry that's the monster. It represents the 'ideal' beauty, the perfect skin for foundation, the perfect shiny hair after using a certain shampoo and the perfect figure after ramming as many raspberry flavoured diet pills as you can, down your throat. So us normal women might not ever achieve the perfection that Emma Watson exudes on a daily basis, but what we have to remember is; She's one lucky, naturally beautiful son-of-a-bitch who can be slouched on the sofa in her PJs with her hair scraped back, the morning after a heavy night and she'll still look like a superstar - because she IS a superstar!


Photo discovered on LASSbible on Facebook.

Modern beauty standards may dictate that you have to fill your face full of makeup to be the perfect woman or pay thousands of pounds to have silicone implants shoved into your backside to look attractive but... Isn't it confidence that's sexy? Self-confidence? To be self-assured and sassy? To not need constant compliments before you can look in the mirror and think 'You know what, I look pretty damn hot today!' In my humble opinion - that hits the nail on the head. If you're happy with your weight, if you're happy with how your face looks or how your hair falls, how you walk or how you speak - then own it. Don't hide it away because you don't look like you've come from the red carpet in Hollywood. There are all different kinds of beautiful - not just the fashion world's kind. Make your own beauty standards! As Oscar Wilde once said 'Be yourself - everybody else is already taken.'