11/01/2012 06:59 GMT | Updated 11/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Cameron Blows and Ready, Steady, Caught!


This week has been full of drama and it's barely even halfway through! As depicted in my above cartoon, Westminster and the SNP have had a war of words over Scottish Independence, in which a referendum is now due to be held in Scotland in 2014, despite Cameron's best attempts to blow his authoritative bagpipes in demand for it to be held much earlier.

Despite this drama, it is nowhere near my favourite story of the week thus far, that place has been earned deservedly by a certain celebrity chef, a Ready, Steady, Crook if you will. I am of course talking about Antony Worrall Thompson (pictured below), who was caught shoplifting cheese and wine from his local Tesco. This story firstly reminded me of how farcical the juxtaposition of the words 'Celebrity' and 'Chef' are to me. It's one of the most mundane jobs there is, I don't understand the fascination. However, this is probably because my cookery skills are comparable to a mule at reproducing: useless. And to be fair, cooking was apparently essential to our evolution; primitive chefs, like the Homo-Ramsey-Erectus for example, began cooking their grub, thus saving time chomping on hard foods.

Having said all this, I still don't understand why there are SO many TV chefs, although it appears that the certain one in question wasn't getting enough attention (I hadn't seen him on anything since I'm A Celebrity...)

His motives were nonsensical, even to him I think, and since being caught he's apologised for his acts and is seeking medical help, because remember; when a celebrity goes on a crime spree it's the doings of psychological demons and we must lay them on the couch and sympathise. Apparently Worral Thompson has been "sobbing himself to sleep" too since the ordeal...Poor man, he's probably having terrible nightmares as well once he's dropped off after all that cheese intake.