The, er, president of the United States doesn't appear to understand satire.
A coming-of-age comedy set in Nazi Germany has won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Every winner of the award for the last 10 years has gone on to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars. Jojo Rabbit follows a young boy growing up during World War II whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler – played by Taika Waititi, who also directs the film.
After more than 40 years lampooning those in power, the national treasure has been recognised with the highest accolade South African comics can bestow.
I'm sure you enjoyed as much as I did, giving into the dark side, (ignoring both your better, and Rian Johnson's, judgement) by watching the trailer this week. This is a rare moment in history, there were no surprises when (spoiler alert) little Anakin turned to the dark side.
life less ordinary bannerWhen I got to the theatre, there were two groups outside the theatre. One, the cast, who couldn't get inside the theatre because... Two, there were 30 journalists blocking the entrance. I don't know who I was scared of most, the cast or the journalists. One of the cast members yelled at me, "Dan, what the fuck have you done?".
"You can tell a lot about a country's democracy by the state of its satire."
For those of you out there who have dipped into the disturbingly dire world of girl-on-girl porn, I'm sure you've noticed that we're not well represented. It's obvious... The porn industry is completely male dominated, and here are eight lies they're telling us about how lesbians have sex.