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Three Reasons Why Celebrities Don't Need a Therapist They Need a Reality Check - Essex Rags to Riches


As a therapist that deals with celebrities I'm fully aware of the added pressure that they encounter as part of their fame, whether impromptu marriages to all night orgies; fame isn't a reason to act beyond the normalities of everyday life, but a fantastic opportunity to better it.

When looking at the speed that someone can literally go from Essex rags to riches, it's little surprise that there is limited room for adjustment, reality can quickly become something left behind and the new found fame overwhelming, with some horrific mistakes being made along the way unless kept in check.

It's important to understand that with this fame comes a copious amount of pressure, and where pressure is involved the chances of stress and cracks almost double. It's natural and important for those outside of the media's attention to understand that these celebrities aren't any different. We all have aspirations to do better and when these situations arise we can be washed away in emotions that lead us into new and exciting environments.

It's this unfamiliarity, unless educated, where our decisions have no past reference to judge our behaviours and new behaviours are founded, at times on poor judgement highlighted by the media's attention to detail and their lack of it.

As the titles suggests, reality for new found celebrities can be quickly forgotten, so here are 3 simple steps that should help to keep them on track.

3 Reasons Why Celebrities Don't Need A Therapist They Need A Reality Check

Reason 1. It can be taken away just as quick as it's achieved. Avoid thinking your invincible, because you're not, in fact you're more susceptible to weaknesses - visual reminders are a great way to keep reality in a check, invest the same amount of time in your past as you do in your future. A legacy will ensure that you're not forgotten and you do not forget.

Reason 2. Your children's, children will have the ability see your life in detail. Look beyond immediate fame - it can be easy to lose sight especially when times are affluent; however set some clear rules on what the future may hold once this opportunity has passed. Those who fail to plan can at times, seek unwanted attention as to regain the "limelight" that they once had - but consider the long-game, with technology advancement over the last 20 years it's not so easy to hide your everyday antics.

Reason 3. You'll be remembered for all your behaviours. There can be very little negative to be said about certain celebrities, and there is one very good reason. They have very little negative to be report. We all have our opinions however some are best left at home, unless you are known for being outspoken. Your voice counts and has a huge influence over the masses - learn when to talk and when to not.

Being in the eye of another warrants certain behaviours, remember it's not just celebrities that need a reality check - if you're in a position of authority and others rely on your behaviours for their own guidance then you have the same responsibility to act in accordance to that of a role model.

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