25/11/2014 07:04 GMT | Updated 24/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Three Ways to Reduce Stress in the Morning


I'm one of those people that require structure in the morning, usually everything completed the night before to avoid any form of additional stress when things don't go as planned (parents will know exactly what I mean).

If you're one of those people that lack this disciplined morning routine and attempt to choose and iron your clothes, eat your breakfast, interact on social media, get the kids ready, pack your lunch, shower, reply to international emails, fuel the car and still remain calm then the chances are that the following tips will massively change your life for the better.

If you've been struggling with stress at home and at work, and unsure where to start, then these small but highly effective changes will not only streamline your morning but also start the first 30 minutes of your day with a newfound enjoyable sense of calmness.

The way you start your day will generally be how you spend the rest of it, why not start repaired and in the best mindful state possible?

3 Ways To Reduce Stress In The Morning:

Step 1. Decide on your timings.

If you have 2 hours of preparation to do then allowing yourself just 1 hour isn't a great start. You need to be realistic with your early morning time management. If you are one that likes a morning lay-in then allocate some time before bed to ensuring that you have done everything that needs doing for the morning. Leaving things to the last minute will 100% of the time fail to provide a stress free state first thing! Be realistic and if needed then set your alarm earlier to provide that little extra time to get out the door. Remember time management is equally effective at home, and a good educational tool for the whole family.

Step 2. Have a structure.

Write down everything that the family needs to complete before leaving the house, delegate out to the whole family. In our house everyone has a part to play with how the morning starts - incorporate the children in to the morning schedule and ensure that they understand the importance of structure. Use a focal board or list to ensure that everyone knows exactly what's required of them.

Step 3. Remove distractions.

I'm amazed at how many people fail to eat before arriving at work or worse shower. If you are easily distracted then the morning could offer endless opportunities for you to start the day on the wrong path. If Step 2. doesn't help then it's time for a clear-out; make a note over the coming days of what takes up the most of your time in the morning, and through the process of elimination remove those "things" that aren't productive to creating a stress free state.

In summary - if you're the type of person that loves the snooze button and always seems to arrive at work the second the bell rings, then get realistic about the amount of time you're giving yourself to prepare for the day. Reduce stress in your life by having a little more structure and a little less stuff to do before 9am. Follow your stress free morning strategies for at least a week and then make slight alterations until you have it "worked out".

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