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Four Steps to Reduce Stress In 2015 - How to Reduce Stress


Stress-is-stress and it doesn't matter the time of the year, if you are struggling with stress then it needs addressing, usually with the New Year comes some time for reflection and the chance to do something new with a time related goal. If you've been meaning to make some changes to your life to get stress back under control then here are 4 Steps To Reduce Stress In 2015 - Why not bring control back under your conscious ability?

With each of these techniques comes the right time, trial each and see which works best for you. Remember there is no hard and fast rule to the management of stress, just recommendations that return your body back to a state that allow you to think consciously about your actions.

4 Steps To Reduce Stress In 2015

Step 1. Healthy Habits... Create some healthy habits, this can include many things but overall is covered in one area - Fitness. Exercise not only improves physical confidence but it also helps your brain work more efficiently and process information faster. Fitness is your first act to combat stress - 40 minutes of moderate exercise per day, including the walk to work, yoga or even crossfit will re-set your stress thermostat and motivate you to improve your overall well-being standards, such as reducing supplementary stimulants.

Step 2. Flip Your Thinking...What you think is a stressor has the ability not to be with some simple language re-patterning. You're not alone if you become worried or adopt a stress state when facing situations alien to your usual structured life. However, it's what you focus on which will determine the state and behaviours that you produce.

For example: you're about to start your driving test, not something that you've done before. Most people will focus on the opportunity of failure, believing that it is something negative, however the focus should be aligned to doing the best you can and NOT 'trying not to fail". Remember the outcome will be one of two things - neither negative just different.

Step 3. Reduce Your Commitments... At times it can be overpowering when you break down and take a long hard look at what you have going on in your life. Sometimes unfinished projects can lose appeal for a number of reasons, especially where stress is involved - but failing to properly bring these projects to an end can leave your "available" thinking power overloaded with "nothings" resulting in an underwhelming feeling of non-completion.

If you find you have many loose ends then set some clear goals in 2015, to have an element of completion ready for 2016. Avoid taking the approach of "getting round to things" and have some massive action now.

Step 4. Rest Your Mind...Time out every week is a must; this time should be scheduled and not broken. It's a place where you should go where stress is not an option, a place that you can feel completely free and complements a healthy lifestyle, somewhere that motivates you to increase your ability to develop and improve.

In summary - it doesn't matter what you do or what has created your stressful states, your obligation during 2015 is to ensure that you are better in all three aspects of your life (fitness, nutrition, well-being) than you are right now.

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