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Three Tips For De-Stressing - But You Already Know This...


With each expert you'll encounter a number of different words of wisdom on how to de-stress - but at the end of the day there are three things that you should consider that will bring about changes FAST. These three aspects are the key controlling factors on how well you manage and deal with stress on a daily and life-long basis.

It's important to note that stress isn't something that you should face alone, if you have been, then now is the time to open up, stress is something that reaches out to all of those in your life, as they play as much of a role as you do in ensuring that you are able to reduce stress.


Over the coming weeks, invest a small percentage of your day in educating yourself in the following. This can include general research on the internet or seeking free guided advice, whatever educational root you follow, keep your mind open and the end purpose in mind.

The three aspects to improve are:

Fitness - when it comes to fitness we all know that regular exercise has numerous benefits, but where stress is involved, fitness plays a fundamental role in increasing your natural stress fighting endorphins. This exercise can consist of something simple such as 20 minute yoga, walk or even fitness class. Start small and in-line with your own abilities; however, have the goal to increase your effort levels by 10% per week.

Nutrition - usually the aspect that is forgotten, however this plays such an important role in the overall management of your health. Nutritional stress is something that is on the increase based on the number of "modern" foods that lack the essential nutritional value that we have evolved to function. Reduce stress immediately by removing all processed foods and sugars from your diet and increase the amount of raw, organic food - by stabilising your body sugar levels you will allow your body to start reacting in a supportive way.

Well-being - this area is self-explanatory, if you're under pressure at work, in your relationship or any other aspect of your life, then take the action today to seek help. Get the momentum moving by setting achievable micro-goals, where daily progress can be seen, avoid setting anything major or altering your life in a dramatic way, small steps in a forward motion will bring about stress-progression and the more positive change you will see, the more effort you will likely give.

In summary; if you're suffering from stress, then stop listening and start doing. Implement an action plan by improving your fitness, nutrition and general mindful well-being. Start small and simple and make small daily changes to each of these areas. You'll find that as these changes take effect your motivation will increase and stress will become a thing of the past.

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