02/04/2015 07:25 BST | Updated 02/06/2015 06:59 BST

What Does It Take to Be a Good Leader?

eaders are those that are happy to speak out, proactively offer new ideas, question the status quo and will always be the first to volunteer when needed.

Being CEO and Founder of has given me the opportunity to meet a whole host of incredibly interesting and successful people over the last few years. Many have led and built big businesses, so have been able to offer me some great advice which has inspired and helped me immensely.

Therefore my understanding of someone being a good leader has been developed over time through watching and interacting with those far more successful than me; despite this it is one of those things that is very difficult to define and even harder to grasp. Of course to some extent you can learn how to be a good leader over time, but I also think it's one of those traits that comes naturally to a lot of people.

From what I have observed, I believe that not everybody has what it takes to be a leader but they can be found at all levels of an organisation, not just at the top, and some people just naturally stand out. Leaders are those that are happy to speak out, proactively offer new ideas, question the status quo and will always be the first to volunteer when needed.

I'm very much still on a steep learning curve but good leadership for me is all about setting a clear vision for the company, creating a cohesive, world class and dedicated team, regular communication and developing a positive culture where anything is possible.

You need to be able to take into account individual personalities and put the right people together to build effective teams. You need to make sure everyone knows how important they are to the business and the crucial role they are playing to achieving the grand vision.

Once those teams are in place you need to set the stage, point them in right direction and ensure they have everything they need to flourish and are motivated to deliver. Eisenhower captured it best when he said: "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because they want to do it."

As Flubit has grown it has been impossible for me to get involved in every decision, as it was in the early days, so effective delegation is key and being able to trust your team to make the right decisions is important.

I also very much believe in leading by example. I'm often the first in and last out of the office and although I although I don't expect my team to work every hour (I also believe in a healthy work/life balance) I do expect a certain level of commitment to the cause.

I believe confidence and a positive attitude is an important asset for any leader. It sets the tone for the rest of the organisation. If you're confident in your own abilities and you exude positivity then this will cascade throughout the business, inspire the team and work its way through to customers.

Being a leader isn't easy and it's not for everyone, in fact it shouldn't be for everyone. Imagine an office full of leaders it would be an absolute disaster! Mistakes will be made - I've made many in my time - but it's important to stay calm, maintain a healthy sense of humour and ensure you keep learning and keep moving forward.

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