Most of us are susceptible to feelings of loneliness and isolation, but this can easily be matched with an awareness to ask if someone is OK when something seems wrong. Such a seemingly small act of caring can truly make all the difference in the world, as it did for me.
It is not an event for the elites. Anyone any age, shape, size and disability can take part. I have seen people take part who are in wheelchairs, who are missing limbs, who are 60 plus and people who are not running to achieve a personal best. No one judges, everyone (and literally I mean everyone) wants to see you do well. This is not only the marshals but the other runners too.
To be frank, it was a bit of mismatch. Our young defender against a bigger, faster, wilier centre forward. There was no lack of effort, determination or tactical nous from our man though. He was just coming off slightly second best most of the time.
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My three children are all sporty. They run which means cross-country in the Winter and athletics in the Summer. My daughter plays netball, volleyball, hockey and rugby. My sons play rugby and football. They are all competitive in their various sports which spills over into other aspects of life.
Super Saturday. Wonderful Wednesday. Mardy Monday? The Olympics are back. And with it our once-every-four-years random patriotism and love for 50m rifle shooting and the dressage and curling (Winter Olympics. Obvs). We love curling. Sweep!! Sweeeeep!!
Yesterday morning I sat in a classroom with 30 kids - all 13-year-olds. They were uncannily silent. Along the corridor, in
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"Sport can improve health, well-being and confidence while also teaching valuable life skills." Those of the words of Olympic