03/08/2016 07:11 BST | Updated 02/08/2017 06:12 BST

Don't Let the Leave Politicians Con Us a Second Time

I hate it that we have voted to leave the EU. It looks like national self harming - done because lots of people are angry for lots of reasons and the vote leave leaders channelled that anger by repeating things that even they probably didn't really believe. They did so without knowing what would happen if we left the EU - and they still don't know and they don't have a plan.

Lots of leave voters had lots of different reasons to vote that way and perhaps some didn't listen to the repeated lies by the chief leave campaigners - but it seems likely that lots of people are blaming the EU for things that are not the fault of the EU.

It seems that lots of poorer areas in the UK voted for Brexit - did these voters think that the EU was entirely to blame for their problems and that now, left to the tender mercies of the Tory ruling elite, they will be better off - surely not?

Of course we can't just ignore the vote - even though it was called by Cameron for cynical political reasons - who having screwed everything up - resigned and left other people to clear up his mess. Because if we ignored the referendum result - it would invalidate the idea of any other referendum in the future and we would lose a valuable democratic tool - that damage is done.

Brexit is going to be a complex and messy process - and involves leaving an immeasurably complex relationship with the EU and it will probably do us economic harm in the long run. No one had a plan for Brexit - especially not the bunch of Leave politicians who led the campaign and they are still making it up as they go.

One thing seems clear - that if we are to exit from the EU we will have to come to terms with the other members over trade and one issue will be central - that of the free movement of labour. The Europeans are likely to demand that we agree to some form of free movement for workers in exchange for free access to the EU markets.

It might be that we cannot have the vital economic advantages of free trade with EU countries without some form of free movement of labour - something that would continue to bring the migrants into the UK; some thing that some pro-Brexit campaigners said they wanted to stop.

Liam Fox one of the pro-Brexit Tories - now with joint responsibility for negotiating Brexit along with David Davies and the chief clown - Boris Johnson - has stated that free movement cannot be a part of any future deal with the EU. Fox is quoted as saying that they must 'implement the views of the British people" over free movement.

It is on this point that we should be very careful not to concede more than the vote result demands.

The voters were asked to say wether we should leave the EU or remain a member - no more than that. They were not asked to consider the nature of any future relationship - they were not asked to vote on future trading relationships or an free movement. The referendum gave democratic authority to do just one thing - to cause this Country to leave the EU and we should do it causing the least harm to our Country as we can.

Pro-Brexit politicians can say that the voters demand an end to free movement of labour from the EU - they can insist that the voters demanded anything they like - but the referendum asked one question only. Any other claims are only opinion and should not shape the future of this Country not on the authority of that one vote.

Anything else is likely to be about pro-Brexit politicians imposing their own agendas in a way that could further damage our future and we should make sure they don't get away with it a second time.

It is as credible to argue that the pro-Brexit voters voted as they did did so for a whole host of reasons - vague ideas about sovereignty - just not liking the idea of foreigners coming to the Country - but also legitimate concerns about immigration and how we cope with it. But the referendum demands just one thing - we leave the EU - no more.

One thing seems increasingly clear - no one had a plan on how to the do this and don't seem to have one yet - and surely no one thinks that is good for the Country and our children's future?

Is leaving the EU going to make the people on lower incomes better off - there is nothing to suggest it will - because no one has a plan. What we do have is uncertainty for years to come.