12/08/2016 08:05 BST | Updated 12/08/2017 06:12 BST

No-One Is Immune to Depression

Two years ago yesterday (August 11th), Robin Williams committed suicide. Before his shock death, he had suffered from severe depression. A lot of people would not expect someone so adored and so successful to suffer like that and end his own life. However, that is not the case. Anyone can suffer from depression, no matter how great your life has been.

A plethora of celebrities have suffered from depression. Celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry and Brad Pitt. Even royals can suffer from depression. Prince Harry recently revealed that he had suffered from depression following his mother's, Princess Diana, death. He said that he did not talk about it and he regrets it. There will also undoubtedly be celebrities who are suffering from or did suffer from depression that no-one knows about. People tend to believe that someone with a lavish lifestyle and great success will mean that it would be impossible for them to suffer from depression. But from a celebrity's perspective, like everyone else's, depression is unavoidable, whether it be hereditary, fame got too much for them, a death of a loved one or a personal reason.

Robin Williams' death in particular shocked the world. After it was revealed that he had suffered from severe depression, people began to realise how powerful depression can be. The same applies for any other mental illness. However, it's a shame that it had to take someone so loved to die for people to realise how horrible depression is.

Another fairly recent death that had an impact was Gary Speed. Footballers have a bit of bad reputation, mainly due to being overpaid and, now and again, being poor role models. But they are not invincible. One main example is Gary Speed. Gary Speed was loved by everyone in the footballing world and he had success as Wales manager before his death. However, like Robin Williams, no-one could believe that Gary Speed isn't with us any more and still can't believe that he was struggling mentally. Rio Ferdinand also suffered from depression following the death of his wife. Money and success mean nothing to footballers when it comes to something very difficult to control or losing someone they love.

Robin Williams and Gary Speed's deaths are a lesson. A lesson that no-one is immune to depression. If you say that you don't that you will suffer from depression because your life is going really well, you are wrong. It's a harsh statement, but a sad truth. At some stage in your life, there will be something that will hit you so hard, you might not know how to deal with it. And the only solution is to stay strong. For example, if a friend or relative of yours has suddenly died, be strong and confide in others for support before that grief turns into something a lot worse.

On the second anniversary of Robin Williams' death yesterday, depression was talked about a lot. I was thrilled that people took depression seriously as the more people raise awareness, the more people won't feel ashamed about suffering from it and the more it encourages them to talk about it. Because suffering from depression shouldn't be seen as a stigma nor a weakness. Talking about it will actually make you gradually stronger.

Anyone can suffer from depression, whether they are famous and successful or their life is going in a downward spiral. If you hear of someone who has a supposedly great life and they said they are suffering from depression, don't assume that having a great life should mean they are happy all the time. Because we are all only human.