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Victim of abuse spoke to ex-Wales manager's parents after his death.
Two years ago yesterday (August 11th), Robin Williams committed suicide. Before his shock death, he had suffered from severe depression. A lot of people would not expect someone so adored and so successful to suffer like that and end his own life. However, that is not the case. Anyone can suffer from depression, no matter how great your life has been.
In many respects, living with anxiety and depression is almost like carefully managing a simple fact of acceptance. Sometimes adjoined with depression, sometimes without, it is hard to live a life that is so inconsistent. To wake up in the morning, stir yourself from sleep and spend the next ten minutes testing the mind for signs that it may not be a good day.
Tuesday marks a year since the death of Wales football manager Gary Speed. Speed was found hanged at his home in Cheshire
Source: Mason's A university rugby team has been shut down after players allegedly dressed up as Ku Klux Klan extremists
Welsh football said goodbye to coach Gary Speed on Wednesday night in an emotional tribute to their ex-coach. Costa Rica
Chris Coleman will tonight lead Wales out at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium for the country's first football international
Craig Bellamy will captain Wales in Wednesday night's Gary Speed memorial match against Costa Rica at Cardiff City Stadium
Gary Speed’s brother-in-law has taken to Twitter, retweeting a post questioning rumours surrounding the death of former Wales
Former Wales football manager Gary Speed may have killed himself accidentally, a coroner has ruled. In a narrative verdict